Jimmy Carter’s Prayers Answered – Obama now Sucks more than I ever did

From FoxNews.com

 President Obama’s slow ride down Gallup’s daily presidential job approval index has finally passed below Jimmy Carter, earning Obama the worst job approval rating of any president at this stage of his term in modern political history.

 Since March, Obama’s job approval rating has hovered above Carter’s, considered among the 20th century’s worst presidents, but today Obama’s punctured Carter’s dismal job approval line. On their comparison chart, Gallup put Obama’s job approval rating at 43 percent compared to Carter’s 51 percent.

Back in 1979, Carter was far below Obama until the Iran hostage crisis, eerily being duplicated in Tehran a couple of days ago with Iranian protesters storming the British embassy.

The early days of the crisis helped Carter’s ratings, though his failure to win the release of captured Americans, coupled with a bad economy, led to his HUMILATING TESTICLE CRUSHING defeat by Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Welcome to “Hope and Change” under Obama…….

1) The unemployment rate, non-farm, overall increased from 7.6% in Jan. 2009 to 9.4%,in July, 2011 for an increase of 23.7%

2) The unemployment rate for blacks increased from 12.6% in Jan, 2009 to 15.8% in July, 2011 for an increase of 25.4%

3) The number of unemployed increased from 11,616,000 in Jan, 2009 to 14,485,000 in July, 2011 for an increase of 24.7%

4) The number of food stamp recipients increased from 31,983,598 in Jan. 2009 to 43,200,878 in July, 2011 for an increase, 35.1%

5) The number of unemployment benefit recipients increased from 7,526,598 in July, 2009 to 9,193,838 in July, 2011 for an increase of 22.2%

6) The number of long-term unemployed increased from 2,600,00 in Jan, 2009 to 6,400,000 in July, 2011 for an increase of 146.2%

7) The national debt increased, in trillions, from $10.627 in Jan, 2009 to $14.052 in July, 2011 for an increase of 32.2%…………and now more than 15 trillion and rising……

And who wouldn’t just want to vote for more of all that?

Obama has divided this country more, turned the times back. He has brought us into the highest debt unemployment and lack of pride. ACORN Main stream media and the socialist movement he is promoting are destroying us. His bowing and blaming others pointing fingers and hatefulness to people he disagrees with is so obvious. People need to re-evaluate the policies the direction and stop voting out of charm and charisma, that isn’t helping America. If people want one rule Government go to a country that enjoys it, because our country doesn’t.

The reason Obama’s poll is at a 43% is because the main stream media are holding him up.  Otherwise it would be in the 20’s.  Class warfare by this administration and the help of the lying media. Not reporting on the bailouts of Solyndra not reporting about the Friday night dumps of records, blaming American’s for being lazy, giving him praises and pats on the back. Instead of doing their job by telling the truth. Lying to our children in schools, as prices have increased housing has failed food prices are higher than ever, this White House investigates everyday private citizens for speaking out, but allows Czars in the White House without being vetted. Debt has increased almost 5 trillion under this president. But ABC, NBC, CBS and MessNBC are ignoring it. Barney Frank is lying to people about the housing market, it was his fault.  Bush warned us of a crisis as early as 2003. While Frank on video said NO crisis, but the Democrats are oblivious. The main stream media should be boycotted. The facts are there they are ignoring it. People are smarter than they give them credit for. Hopefully they figure it out before they vote.

Jimmy Carter’s morning prayer:  ‘Dear Lord, thank you for letting me wake up to another beautiful day in a country where I’m no longer the biggest A – hole president of all time.  Amen.”



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