Lefty Fringe Commie Group Amnesty International wants George W Bush Arrested and Sent up the River

 From Townhall

Amnesty International urges the governments of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to arrest former U.S. President George W. Bush during his expected visit to the region between December 1 and 5, 2011, for crimes under international law.

Amnesty International considers that there is enough evidence in the public domain, from U.S. authorities and from George W. Bush himself, to trigger requirements for Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to investigate his alleged involvement in and responsibility for torture, and to secure his presence during the investigation.

“All countries to which George W. Bush travels have an obligation to bring him to justice for his role in torture,” said Matt Pollard, senior legal adviser.

If fighting terrorism is considered torture, I’ll take more of it.

 Amnesty International thinks that third world nations with histories of corrupt governments should arrest a former President of the United States because “evidence exists” that he may or may not have “tortured” people who had dedicated their lives to killing his countrymen, without any formal charges, any organized tribunals, or any legal action otherwise calling for it. Does anybody recognize the simply astonishing amount of contradiction between that and what they state their purpose is? I wonder if they openly admit that they’re a radical leftist organization whose purpose is to subvert America and her allies in any way possible or if they continue to (pretend to) try to hide it.

 Hey Matt are you favor of the US arresting Iran’s Terrorist Leader Akman Dinnerjacket the next time he comes to the UN to belch his bile on how he is going to obliterate Israel soon?  My guess would be no, because Dictator Dinnerjacket is misunderstood and after all Israel really has no right to exist now do they.

 I think Mr. Soros needs his shoes shined and his suit taken to the dry cleaners better go tend to his needs Matt.

 As for Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia, the Secret Service security detail for even an Ex-President has more firepower than your armies combined.

So, go ahead, make our day.



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