Hope and Change My Fat Ass. Unemployment goes down to 8.6 Percent. The number of people this month who stay home daily and watch Jerry Springer increases by 487,000.

From FoxNews:

The new unemployment numbers are a lot worse than the headlines indicate. The news media is breathlessly reporting today that 120,000 jobs were created in November. But with the working age population increasing by about 160,000 people each month, job creation isn’t even keeping up with the number of people entering the work force. So how is it possible for the unemployment rate to fall from 9.0 to 8.6 percent? 

The explanation is actually pretty simple. People are only counted as unemployed as long as they are actively looking for work. It is good news when the number to falls if it means that Americans are getting new jobs. It is not so good if the number falls because people are simply giving up looking for work.

In November, the numbers could hardly have been worse — 487,000 people simply gave up looking for work and left the labor force. That is the 6th worst report since the recession started 48 months ago. Even more startling, 5 of those 6 worse reports have occurred since the “recovery” supposedly started in June 2009.

Who actually believes these numbers put out by Obama’s minions? We all know the magic number to be re-elected is 8%, and Obama will do whatever it takes to drop the rate using any math that will make it possible.

The unemployment rate dropped because 315,000 people gave up looking for work (that’s roughly the population of Pittsburgh or St. Louis). Now if Obama can get another 1 or 2 million people to stop looking for work he can get the unemployment rate down to a reasonable number.

What good is a number if certain things “aren’t counted”?

When I went to school, if I left some part, or parts, of the equation out, I got the wrong answer and then the failing grade that goes along with it.

Let’s face the facts, 1 in 4 people doesn’t have a job and 2 of the other three who do are barely making ends meet because government is taking from them to pamper the one without a job and make it comfortable not to have one.

We aren’t “lazy”, what we are permission slipped to paralyzation. People do not start and operate businesses because government has taken over business and takes far too large a piece of the pie – making business unsustainable (unless of course it is part of a huge corporation that is complete with highly paid teams of lawyers and lobbyists (and a few choice politicians in their pockets).

The answer rests in economic freedom and that is realized when folks understand the perversion of “Privileges and/or Immunities within the judiciary. We must restore our Constitution, making our constitution match that Constitution. And that has to be done by one simple function – a Legislature that finally reins in the far-overreaching court, most especially the Supreme Court. IOW, the Legislature must fill its checking role and that is done best by withholding SPENDING until such time as what it allocates money to operates constitutionally.

 Fellow conservatives probably already know this but for the benefit of the Liberals:
1. the extension of unemployment benefits is only prolonging the inevitable balloon that will pop thereby making a huge huge huge negative for the US economy.
2.  The only reason Obumble wants to extend the benefits is because he doesn’t want the balloon to burst on his watch.
3.  The best approach 3 years ago would have been to cut federal INCOME taxes by 50% or more.
4.  Creating part-time lower wage jobs just for the numbers is not progress but headed backwards in huge steps

Newt was right. The economy will begin to recover about midnight immediately after the polling shows Obama has been kicked out on election night

 Next month Obama won’t count people with low IQs (aka Obama voters) unemployment will fall to the lowest level ever recorded.



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