Former DEMOCRAT IL Governor Rod Blagojevich Sentenced to 14 Years in the Big House

From Hot Air:

Rod Blagojevich’s sentencing started off with a surprise admission from his legal team that acknowledged the disgraced Illinois governor had engaged in corruption — which was followed by a lengthy apology in which Blagojevich claimed he didn’t realize that he was doing anything wrong. The strategy apparently impressed the judge only enough to reduce the potential sentence from 20 years, but still slammed Blagojevich with a 14-year sentence:

Disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in prison after making a final plea for leniency, acknowledging his guilt and saying, “I am unbelievably sorry.”

“I believe he did, in fact, accept [responsibility],” U.S. District Judge James Zagel said in announcing how long Blagojevich should spend in prison after being convicted of 18 corruption charges that included attempting to sell or trade an appointment to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the election of President Barack Obama.

Blagojevich’s lawyers wanted a 3 1/2-year sentence, at which Zagel scoffed:

Referring to comments from Blagojevich’s lawyers in asking for a sentence of no more than 3½ years, Zagel said: “I don’t doubt his devotion to children, but this is not … exceptional, in my own experience. I see case after case where good fathers are bad citizens. There is no question that the innocent children of felons suffer. This is tragic, but, as he admits, the fault of this lies with the defendant alone. Now, it is too late.

“If it is any consolation to his children, he does not stand convicted of being a bad father.”

Okay, the official slogan for the State of Illinois is now:


Score Card:

REZKO – Check

BLAGO – Check


Blago will NOT get a pardon.

The reason: Governor Hairdo was never part of the Democrat Machine Inner Circle. He was always an independent contractor playing off his in-law status with powerful insider Alderman Dick Mell. When Hairdo got to the Mansion, he thought he was in charge by virtue of his office.

He soon found out he wasn’t in charge. It was Dem on Dem war in Illinois for his whole sordid reign. It was father-in-law Mell who publicly called for an investigation into Blago!

Think about it: If Blago had been a team player, do you honestly think he would’ve been impeached or seen the inside of a courtroom?

That’s not how the Machine Dems roll in Illinois

Unfortunately this is only the tip of the corruption iceberg in Illinois. The biggest problem we face is that the system is often sprinkled with corruption at nearly every level, which makes pointing out and ending corruption nearly impossible.

And good luck trying to vote them out; they have all the cash and endorsements (corrupt friends helping corrupt friends) so the people (read: not career politicians) who want to clean it up don’t stand a chance against the machine that keeps it going.

As for our present Governor Pat Quinn is as corrupt as they come – evidenced by the reality that he champions with pride the ILGA’s, and his own, complete and utter disregard for the Constitution as it is written and direct SCOTUS decisions regarding a very important part of it (the right to carry firearms in case of confrontation for the purpose of self-defense).

Idiocy in Office is just as dangerous as Evil, like the last two. Often times, the same thing results from either. Here in Illinois, that is taking place as we converse. Taxes went up, nothing was solved, rights are still ignored and Chicago pols do whatever they want to the Citizens of this state as we are all their little possessions to toy with however they please.

Many think Blago going to jail will mean that pols here in Illinois will straighten up. Most of them do not live here and misunderstand what happened there. Blago made the Democrat, the progressive, machine look bad and the machine punished him for doing so. Blago going to jail was not about justice served, it was about retribution from the machine. If anything, it is going to get worse here, as the power mongers that control this state are emboldened by their ability to hang Blago out to dry as they did.

Sad it is.


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