Lesbian Mom Exploits Her Son to Confront Michelle Bachmann on Gay Rights

From The Blaze:

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Wednesday it was “reprehensible” that a mother used her 8-year-old son to confront her about gay rights during a recent campaign stop.

The 8-year-old boy, identified only as Elijah, was shown on video telling the Minnesota congresswoman, “My mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” The video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded Dec. 4.

“This little boy was looking down at his toes. He obviously didn’t want to say what he was put up to say. And I just think it’s reprehensible when someone uses a little child to advance a political agenda,” Bachmann told CNN’s John King.

“That’s what was going on in a book signing. I’d never do that to one of my children, and it’s really unfortunate that this poor, little boy was used in that way.”

Bachmann reiterated her conviction that marriage should be between a man and a woman and said she is unashamed of that.

UNFIT PARENT: When school administrators believe that a child is being abused by his parents, HRS will be contacted; they will come and interview the child without the parents’ permission. If after questioning the child they feel that taking the child is warranted, they can legally take the child from school and not even have to notify the parents until 72 hours later. But here…a whole bunch of individuals are seeing evidence of abuse caught on tape…..and nothing is done about it?

Has no one looked into the emotional safety of this abused child? This evidence of abuse is the same as seeing bruises. If the mother is coaxing her child to do this in public in front of cameras….it makes a person wonder… what she is coaxing him to do when no one is watching?

It is obvious this is not the first time the child has been shamed by the mother. It is obvious that the child is embarrassed to say what he is told to say, but he knows that it is less painful than the consequence that awaits him if he doesn‘t comply to his mom’s demands.

Eight year olds DO NOT watch political debates, political commentary shows, CNN, Fox News or anything else where they would possibly hear any discussion of gay rights. Everything this kid knows about gay rights has been fed to him by his “mother”.

The kid clearly doesn‘t want to be there and clearly doesn’t want to say what he’s being forced to say. If he was really doing what your nonsensical explanation claims then he would have been screaming and shouting it and she wouldn’t have had to put her ear right up to his mouth in order to even hear what he was saying.

Kids of that age don’t understand sexuality and certainly gay sexuality, they aren‘t wire and don’t think that way and its obvious when a parent states “you have something to say, go ahead” indicates that he was coached. The same thing happens when they visit Santa, parents are always prompting the kids with “go ahead as Santa” this is a conversation that they, the parents have coached the kids on.

Gays if you have something to say to someone, be the adult and say it yourself don’t use a kid.
It’s estimated that 3-4% of the population is gay, why do we make such a fuss over it. I have the right to believe that it’s not an acceptable life style. So gays, live your life in peace but give us a break on having to accept it as “normal”, it’s not normal, it’s unnatural.

No normal 8 yr. old with straight parents is going to know enough about sex to even ask any kind of question pertaining to sex.

Quite a different story when an innocent little creature is adopted by a lesbian/homosexual. They learn all about aberrant sexual behavior before everything else. I imagine she has instilled in the little guy a hatred of all straight people who she has undoubtedly set him against which will mean he will probably rebel against society at large all his life.

Thank the gutless politicians for this. They gave the kooks, flakes and misfits of society special privileges in exchange for their votes, and they use defenseless little children as further payment.



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