Nancy Pelosi proves again that she comes from the “Spock with a Beard” Universe

Pelosi: Extending Unemployment Benefits Will Create 600,000 Jobs–200,000 More Than Obamacare!

Let me see if I understand Nazi Pelosi correct. Extending unemployment benefits thus guaranteeing the unemployed a check if they don’t work will result in those unemployed being more anxious to find work thus reducing said number of those unemployed by 600,000. Yep just as I thought, makes less sense than say passing a bill to find out what’s in it. Anyone care to explain to me how this women is not locked away in a mental institution for the hopelessly insane?

Yeah, and food stamp coupons also create jobs don’t they Nance?

 Jobs? Then have the ONE agree to the Canadian oil pipeline won’t you that 20,000+ immediate jobs with likely spinoffs of up to 100,000.

 And of course the US then would not have to rely so much on ME oil

 AND put a chokehold on the EPA with its BHO directed destruction of jobs

The woman is a dingbat. If you go on unemployment, you lose at least half of your former income, if not more. How can this result in a boom to the economy or create jobs; ever notice the empty retail and office space out there, Nancy? This idiocy sounds really good between liberals in their private conversations and meetings, but once out in the open, it smells like the pure crap that it is.

This is the same application of fuzzy economics that would have us believe that for every government dollar spent greater than one dollar is generated in return.

Of course. If you want more of something, pay people to not give it to you. So the more people you pay to not work, the more workers will result.

If this is true, we ought to be asking people to quit their jobs so we can give them unemployment and create more jobs for people to quit so we can give them unemployment, which will create.  And when EVERYONE is unemployed, there will have to be a 100% tax automatically deducted from the unemployment checks, since there will be NO other source of income for the government. Pelosi economics taken to the limit!

Exactly how this monetary mitosis takes place has yet to be explained by anyone from the moonbat left.

This lady is among the leadership of the Democrat party in congress? Do you have to go any farther than this comment she believes because she repeats it a lot… to wonder why the policies pursued by the democrats have not created any jobs?

I cannot wait till Christmas Day.  So we can put the apple in her mouth and be done with her.

Actually she is simply following her Obama socialist regime marching orders.

Keeping the American people in a constant state of chaos with their left wing bomb thrower lies, innuendo and outright vicious attacks aimed at the GOP is all just part & parcel of the Obama manifesto.

Meanwhile he works his secret backroom deals right out of the Oval office, ignoring the votes in the Congress and the will of “We the People “.

Are the people in Pelosi’s Congressional District really dumb enough to think this woman has any working brain cells? Over the past 3 years she has claimed that the increase in Food Stamp recipients, extending unemployment benefits and Obamacare are all boosts to our economy. They are all just the opposite. Every time I see her interviewed by a Liberal TV Host and they give her a pass on her ignorance it makes me sick. Pelosi is a total moron.

With her saying things like this and it getting covered on the MSM, how can anyone doubt that another landslide against her and her party is building?


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