Dear Whoopi Goldberg – There is a bus with a Big Red Star on it. Please board it and take your one way trip to North Korea. PS: Take Sean Penn with you please.

From The Blaze:

Coming off an apparent fart — or not — on live TV last week, Whoopi Goldberg declared on “The View” Tuesday that communism is “a great concept” that “makes perfect sense.”

Her comments came during a discussion with her fellow hosts about the death of North Korea leader Kim Jong Il, after establishing that his son and successor, Kim Jong Un, had been educated in Switzerland.

“If you say that this is how our culture is and then you send your child to a Swiss boarding school — you know, this is what happens with communism. It’s a great concept. On paper it makes perfect sense. But once you put a human being in power, it shifts. We saw it in Russia; we’ve seen it all around the world. Its nuts. But, I keep my fingers crossed.”

“We wish them well in North Korea,” Joy Behar said.

Goldberg is one of those celebrities who have gained a certain public profile for no particular reason. Her opinions are the product of ignorance tempered with stupidity. And thanks to her uncontrolled mouth, she continues to demonstrate that fact, leaving little doubt in anyone except those who unthinkingly, march, lockstep, with her.

Communism is the worst idea to ever be spawned by a human being, it flies in the face of human nature and has the gall to believe that everyone will simply work for intrinsic value and be alike without any desire to get ahead in life. If the tens of millions of corpses are not a significant enough testament to the lunacy of Karl Marx, then I do not know what is.

The root problem that causes communism to fall apart in real world application is that people are involved, as Whoopi said. People are flawed; we’re greedy, selfish, lazy, etc., all things that mean communism cannot ever work. We want our own property, we want more than others, we are ambitious. Not saying all of these are bad, but it’s a fact of life that we are born with these desires and ambitions. This means communism can never work. That was Marx’s mistake, denying God. He built his theory on a foundation that was flawed, i.e. that human beings would want to work solely for the betterment of mankind rather than themselves.

Capitalism is built on a foundation that takes into account our nature. We’re greedy and selfish, wanting as much bang for our buck as we can get, wanting more goods and services for ourselves, wanting more and more and more. This makes capitalism work; it’s based on the truth, that we aren’t perfect. Socialism and Communism are based on a lie – that man can be perfected by man. Communism? Nice theory, but Milton Friedman can tell you greed works for us all.

Sadly, critical thinking and reasoning are not taught in our public schools anymore. On the surface a communist utopia sounds great…that is until you factor in the human element. Self-interest is a basic human instinct. Communism doesn’t factor that in therefore it can never work. Central planning of commerce is impossible. How can any government successfully set prices based on the real supply and demand of goods and services? There are thousands of transactions taking place every second. Only a free market system can do this. It’s not that hard to understand, but I’m no economics professor like Whoopi.



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