Start an Argument with your Family over Christmas, explain the Virtues of Obama to that PITA conservative relative of yours

From Barack Obama dot Com

To my dear Mother, Sister and Brother, yeah try and start a conversation with me on BHO.  Make my day.

After you have finished giving me your left leaning, Drive-By Media downloads about what a great guy our 44th President is, I will counter with the following:

Barack Obama’s administration has been hostile to the financial industry, hostile to the oil and gas industry, hostile to the coal industry, hostile to the insurance industry, hostile to the service industry, hostile to pretty much every other sector of the economy that is neither part of the public sector nor wholly dependent on the public sector.

America has gone out of business thanks to Barack Obama and his failed economic policies. Even the Senate Democrats are starting to pay attention to a President who has gone from audacious hope to hopeless audacity.

And on Israel:

This president has done more to delegitimize and undermine Israel’s position in the world than any other president and he did it by arriving on the scene and imposing and demanding of Israel a freeze on settlements, including the building of the Jewish homes in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem of all places, something that had never been precondition in 17 years of negotiations

Here are some questions I am also prepared for:

Q: Don’t you care about the Polar bears?

A:  Are they on the menu?

Q:  Don’t you care about the poor?

A: You mean like what the welfare state did to Detroit?

Q: Don’t you care about the children?

A: Do you mean the children or the NEA?

And let’s talk about Presidential Vacations.

I recall how the press would always slam Reagan and Bush Elder and Bush Younger for their vacations; except the press never mentioned that Reagan and the Bushes would vacation AT THEIR HOMES. Reagan at his ranch in CA, W at his ranch in TX, the elder Bush at the family home in Kennebunkport ME; no multimillion dollar excursions on AF1 to Hawaii or Spain or Martha’s Vineyard.

 My favorite image is of Reagan at his ranch with a chainsaw. Now we have President Day-Glo Bicycle Helmet.

The Target Audience for Obama is.  Feed me, Obama!  Tell me all that I must know!  My ears itch for the words that I yearn to hear…

Lest we forget we have to remember the largest national debt in US history, payoffs to cronies and political bundlers via the stimulus. racism and failure to treat everyone alike (Black Panthers), revealing number of nuclear weapons to the Russians and letting them know how many nukes Great Britain has against the Brit’s wishes, broken promises, Obamacare and the greatest disrespect and contempt shown ever by a sitting US president toward American citizens-and the list goes on but we have to remember! 

Also when all is said and done, the Left is always creating a new villain

Hitler told the Germans to hate Jews. Democrats tell people to hate Republicans, the Kochs, the Tea Party,

A lot of power can be gained by channeling the fear and hatred of the people.

Save your breath loved ones and pass the damn Turkey.


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