The Chevy Volt IS the Obama presidency. They both suck and are incapable of doing what they’re supposed to do.

From Big Government:

Another pristine example of “Obama’s economic policies have failed.”

 And if you want a microcosm of Obama’s failed presidency, of his ridiculous approach to economic policy, look no further than the Chevy Volt. The sticker price on a Volt is $40,000, but the cars are so technologically challenged that each one is subsidized to the tune of approximately $250,000. Now that’s Obama-nomics in a nutshell: Brag about your car company’s $40,000 electric car, but never mention that the $40,000 price tag costs tax payers a quarter of a million dollars per car.

 To date, Obama has spent approximately $3,000,000,000.00 subsidizing Volts. And what have the American people gotten in return? A car that only a handful of people want and that has a tendency to catch on fire while sitting in the garages of the few purchasers Obama’s been able to scrounge up.

 No wonder this guy has our economy in the tank.

Chevy sold a boat load of Corvairs, not the best thing that ever came off Detroit’s assembly line, because they were economical and priced right. Nobody in their right mind is going to buy a car that can only go 40 miles and pay forty grand for the damn thing. Nice way to make a tax write off Obama Motors. Cut the price to about $10 grand and you might sell a few to college students

The result of the obscene mishandling of all economic matters by this president and administration. Not a single brain cell to be found among them in spite of all Obama’s ‘feel good’ rhetoric about ‘green energy’ being the future. Hoax and chains.

Solyndra on wheels. This makes no sense whatsoever. We should be drilling for oil and developing our natural gas resources. Go nuclear. They should rebadge this car as the Gore instead of the Volt. Green or sustainable energy is a fraud that is perpetrated on taxpayers and utility rate payers all over the world by radical environmentalists and opportunists like Al Gore.

Find it ironic how Obama insists on raising taxes on the rich and big corporations, unless they create green energy products (such as GE and GM) which complement his agenda, then they ironically don’t have to pay ANY taxes. Instead, they get subsidized on behalf of the taxpayers while this administration gambles on unpopular electric cars and failing solar energy companies when the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, water remains contaminated and the country is suffocated and oppressed of a domestic oil and natural gas energy policy.

So Detroit goes from being Motor City to Battery Bayou. This is a perfect example of Government Enterprise instead of private enterprise. The government taxes people making $40,000 per year to build and sell a $250,000 car for $39,000 that only the rich want to buy. Good job Obama. Just think the average Union employee at GM makes twice more than the Volt will sell for.

The Chevy volt is Obama’s wasted multi-billion dollar Edsel.

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