The Nightmare of Obama Care Starts: New Fee (Tax) to Health Insurance Plans in 2012

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Starting in 2012, the government will charge a new fee to your health insurance plan for research to find out which drugs, medical procedures, tests and treatments work best. But what will Americans do with the answers?

The goal of the research, part of a little-known provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law, is to answer such basic questions as whether that new prescription drug advertised on TV really works better than an old generic costing much less.

But in the politically charged environment surrounding health care, the idea of medical effectiveness research is eyed with suspicion. The insurance fee could be branded a tax and drawn into the vortex of election-year politics.

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute – a quasi-governmental agency created by Congress to carry out the research – has yet to commission a single head-to-head comparison, although its director is anxious to begin.

The government is already providing the institute with some funding: The $1-per-person insurance fee goes into effect in 2012. But the Treasury Department says it’s not likely to be collected for another year, though insurers would still owe the money. The fee doubles to $2 per covered person in its second year and thereafter rises with inflation. The IRS is expected to issue guidance to insurers within the next six months.

Obama Care is a disaster for American medicine — that we will cease being the innovators of the world, and become a huge bureaucratic medical slum.

To see what will happen, just look at a parallel instance: Stalin’s collectivization of agriculture. He took over the entire food industry in the U.S.S.R. and herded all the peasant farmers into state-owned collectives. And Soviet agriculture entered a slough of despond much like a big-city Department of Motor Vehicles. The Soviets were never self-sufficient in food again, even though they still had the Ukraine, the former bread-basket of Europe.

The collectivization of our medical industry will similarly turn medical care into a giant slough of despond — despite all the patent lies and glittering promises Obama told in order to pass it. He had to crush independent, free-enterprise medicine, so that ghetto dwellers and welfare recipients can get the same care as paying patients, and keep rich people from getting any better care than the poor. Quite a worthy motive, don’t you think?

Also look at the USSR implementation of healthcare. The finest healthcare was provided to the party elites. Everyone else got 3rd world medical care. We’re headed down that road. Who in their right mind would want to become a medical doctor in America after implementation of Obama care?

Job number one for the new president and the newly elected house/senate members; kill, ravage, destroy, dump on the garbage heap of history anything and everything that is Obama care.

2012 will be a mandate from the people. Obama (the leader of the now Socialist Democratic Party) is going to lose by an unprecedented number. The wrath of the American People will be unmistaken even by the milk toast media who will try and cover their ratty little eyes.


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