Washed up Hag Actress Ellen Barkin warns: “If Obama loses the election. A Police State will be just around the corner.”

From Fox Nation.com

Actress Ellen Barkin was really unhappy with the New York Police Department early on New Year’s Day, tweeting she was shoved (or jostled) on the street. But for politicos, this was the most eye-opening tweet: “this will be nothing if Obama loses the election. A police state will be just around the corner.” No s**t. #Terrified” (Asterisks mine.)

Barkin slammed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, tweeting, “F*** all of u, Bloomberg & every1 goose-stepping behind u. I cannot believe what I am seeing protect nothing ARE the violence in my city.”

She also retweeted Roseanne Barr trashing Bloomberg. Roseanne tweeted to Barkin that “NY cops are arresting dark skinned teenagers every day for pot-getting kickbacks for it-one joint-go to jail NYC-Bloomberg”.

Another perfect example of an actor who knows very little about the real world the rest of us lives in. Ellen Barkin needs to stick with what she knows acting and stay out of politics. Anyone who has been paying attention knows the police state is not around the corner. It is already here compliments of Obama. If we want to return to freedom and liberty, Obama must not be elected. Maybe someone needs to give Ellen a copy of the most recent laws that went into effect 1/1/12, or maybe the thousands upon thousands of regulations imposed by the Obama administration in the last 3 years. It’s amazing how little common sense is required to act. This lady would never make it in the real world!

This insignificant Hollywooder should have sufficient funds to hire bodyguards to prevent any “jostling” on the crowded streets of NYC. It would really be nice if the only job the police had to perform was to prevent any of the “unwashed masses” from getting too close to her highness Ms. Barkin. However, the NYPD does have a few other tasks they need to perform, yet this bimbo castigates them with foul and disrespectful language. Her 15 minutes were over long ago and it appears as though she is seeking at least an hour.

She is absolutely wrong, because when Obama is ousted it will signal a new direction to the development of our own resources in fuels, and power sources. And more job creation for our citizens. And less intrusion into the citizens everyday lives. A budget for the federal Gov. will be made, passed, and adhered to. The national debt will be reduced, and borrowing by the Gov. will be eliminated. Welfare will mean a hand up, instead of a hand out. Illegals will cease receiving all of the benefits of US citizens. The justice dept. will be honest once more. And bias will not be tolerated. The Gov. will be run according to the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. And God will be placed back on the Pedestal that is His in all of our lives. Enough said for now.




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