Debbie Wasserman Schultz brings Her Leftist Comedic Stylings to Fox & Friends

From FoxNation

 DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz weighed in Wednesday on Mitt Romney’s Iowa win with an interesting perspective on what the Romney camp is surely looking at as a big victory.

“It was actually a pretty bad night for Mitt Romney, but it was a great night for us,” she said, referring to the Democratic Party. She told Fox and Friends’ Gretchen Carlson that while GOP contenders fought for the top spot, President Obama was making waves all his own in the state.

“We used last night and the months leading up to last night as a test run for building what will be the most significant, effective grass-roots presidential campaign in history,” she said. “We had 25,000 Iowans show up to caucuses across state.”

Still, Carlson countered that the majority of Obama’s re-election resources seem to be going to attack ads focused on Mitt Romney, indicating the president’s belief that the caucus’s winner will indeed be his biggest competition.

“Mitt Romney has earned that scrutiny, because he has relentlessly attacked the president, mischaracterized his record, and distorted the president’s record,” said Wasserman Schultz. “For Mitt Romney, it’s a really tough situation for him, because when is a “win” a loss, when you’ve spent six years and more than $4 million running for the second time trying to win the state of Iowa, when you spent the most and only beat the person who spent the least by eight votes … He’s limping into New Hampshire.”

I hope the DNC features her more! The more she talks, the more people she alienates! Can you imagine the voter that would be swayed to the liberal cause by her blathering? I can’t!

Wasserman Shultz is the most disgusting liar the Democratic Party has. She is worse than Pelosi – who I believe is simply delusional.

This woman is trying to defend the indefensible – what the democrats and Obama have done to this Country since 2007………

Only another brainless liberal would believe the garbage this woman is spouting off about……

Uh, has it hit the ground yet? Sounds like a liberal. Looks like a wild eyed liberal; and an ugly one, for sure.  It must be a liberal. Why do all liberals foam at the mouth and look so wild eyed while speaking? Can’t they speak calmly and without showering everyone around them with spit? Is that stuff contagious? Don’t they have zoos for creatures like that?

Yet it has escaped blabbermouth’s attention the hundreds of millions spent by “the one” to win election in 2008 and how he claims he will raise and spend 1 billion to try and convince the voters that despite being a total failure he should be returned for another 4 years to finish his plan to wreak further damage on America

That blabbermouth dwells in an alternative universe where her party is never held accountable for their efforts to force even more socialism on America has long been her public persona.

That she happily embraces her role as attack dog and chief excuse maker for the messiah fits her obnoxious personality

As DNC Chairman, Wasserman should know that Democrats do best when they hide who they are and what they intend to do to the American people. It’s a political strategy they’ve employed successfully for decades, but abandoned when Barack Obama and his band of lefties arrived in Washington. Believing Obama’s cool personality, good looks and silver tongue would override the American people’s natural instinct for survival, Democrats let it all hang out and the reaction from the folks has not been a favorable one. It’s time to round ’em up and head for the shadows, Ms. Wasserman.

Debbie Wasserman as DNC Chairman will be the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans during the 2012 campaign and we as Conservatives should praise God every day that the DNC made her their Chairwoman. 



3 thoughts on “Debbie Wasserman Schultz brings Her Leftist Comedic Stylings to Fox & Friends

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  2. You people cant make an argument without demeaning your adversaries. You are the lowest form of discourse in the country and you should be ashamed. I just cant wait till you lose, oh so badly, this year. You dont have a chance in hell.

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