I Heart Debbie Wasserman Schultz… Ms. DWS does the DNC squirm boogie on Fox News Sunday

The Lady has a bright future at MessNBC.

It makes me wonder if she gets in her car, grips the steering wheel and just starts screaming obsenities, then calms down and turns the key and goes about her day?

Get used to this. The Democrats have NOTHING from Obama to run on. They can’t point to a single thing he’s done to help anyone, anywhere, except every vacation resort he and his family have patronized while he’s been president of a travel agency….er the US.

The only thing they can talk about is the GOP. They got bupkis in the way of a glowing record of dear leader. So expect every interviewer who asks any dem anything about Obama to answer by saying….


How about we put the question this way. If Solyndra was still in business Obama and the DNC would take ALL of the credit for the jobs created by Solyndra. Must be nice to take credit when times are good and blame others when it’s bad.

I wonder how Schultz would respond to MF Global and the theft of over a trillion dollars. Corzine was CEO. Corzine was the first person Obama and Biden called for financial advice. Would she agree that Corzine is 100% responsible for the > $1T theft and the jobs loses since he was CEO? Do Obama and Biden still rely on his financial advice to run the govt??

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the armpit of the DNC. An armpit sweats when under pressure and stinks if it isn’t clean. She should have shut and kept quiet the more she opened her pie hole the weaker her argument became. Usually, Chris isn’t quite as forceful, so I give him thumbs up for hammering this poor excuse for a representative of the DNC.


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