Larry King’s Replacement is a Libtard…


Being from England, you would think CNN host Piers Morgan would have some manners. Last night Andrew Breitbart and Michael Reagan were on Morgan’s show to provide political analysis. How did Morgan start off his conversation with Breitbart? Not with a statement about GOP candidates or the current political atmosphere, but with a personal, irrelevant attack. He also told Breitbart to “force a smile.”

Morgan: “Andrew let me go to you, as I said before the break, you are notoriously evil about almost everybody so what do you think of the new politics where everyone just whacks everybody else.”

Breitbart: “Well I don’t think you know me Piers Morgan. I think we may be spent eight seconds together.”

 Do you notice how these libtards are always uses words like everyone, the American, people, most people, when they are interviewing a conservative and say that these groups all disagree with you. Where do they do all of their polling? Move on Dot Org? Piers Morgan is arrogant moron. Bite it libbys.

Piers Morgan is a far left liberal bordering on Socialist, he has not had a  single program that would appeal to an intelligent audience.  He does the far  left wiggle to keep enough interest to save that sorry excuse for a show on the  air.  Any other network would have cancelled it months ago with such small  ratings, but the lefts network of choice can not admit total failure yet.   Sometimes his show is good for comedy relief but it is never fact based and no  one (except the far left) would take it seriously.
The left will have to realize we the people are not going to sit quietly and let the smears go unanswered.  For years or maybe decades we sat quiet but things have changed. The country has gone to heII in a golf bag and we are not going to let it continue. Landslide 2012

His own country is a mess and soon to be another arm of Islam, and he like all liberals would like to see us follow along like Lemmings. Deport the Bum!


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