Why Obama’s Reign of Terror Administration must end on January 20, 2013 at 12:00 EST. No ifs, ands or buts…

Barack Obama started a Constitutional Crisis the instant he declared himself, and others declared him, to be eligible to hold the Office of President of these United States. Literally everything he has done since the usurpation that began the moment he knowingly took the Oath of Office under false pretenses has been one Constitutional Crisis after another. Check that it has been one huge ongoing crisis.

Sadly, even when the supposedly opposing party is empowered with the levers of the People’s House, the man gets away with all of it, up to and including the treasonous action of using tax collections to run guns across the border to known criminal and terrorist gangs in an attempt to clamp down on the second Enumerated right.

I am left to wonder which is worse. A Party that would champion this nefarious actor or one that would claim to be the opposition and stand idle, watching him do so many things that our Founders would have drawn and quartered, at least tarred and feathered over.

There is a better than 50 50 chance Obama will be reelected, mostly due to the power of incumbency and his being the first non-white president. Add to that the fact that his constituency can’t read, and if they can, they will only read the headlines that unemployment is falling–obviously, things are better, let’s not change horses in mid-stream.

What a tragedy that the greatest country the world has ever known was reduced to ashes by such a patently phony, lying scumbag cockroach and his supporters.

I’d like to share some of the optimism others have that we can fix the problems we face in Government. But I don’t.

Think back just 4 years ago, did you fear your government? Did you think they would take your private property, spy on you, and keep all your emails? Put you in jail indefinitely without trial? Send guns to the Mexican cartels to attack the 2nd Amendment? We all know this list could go on for pages, now………..think of what they are doing that we DON’T know about yet.

You all must understand that the 100 year plan of the progressives- going back to Woodrow Wilson and the IRS and the Federal Reserve creations of 1913- is coming to fruition. They have the power- and have NO intention of returning it. Much like the Trotskyites of 1916 Russia, they will stage any protest, interrupt any commerce- they feel necessary. Those in charge are the student radicals and SDS members of the 1968 ‘Days of Rage’ era, Obama’s backers and intellectual mentors Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones, Bernadine Dohrn; all radicals, all devotees of Saul Alinsky and the Cloward/Piven strategy.

When you fundamentally do NOT agree with the constitution- and they don’t, they loathe it- then you will find any way to diminish it, to mock it, to bring it to trial. The coming election will put both the constitution and our capitalist system on trial as- you guessed it- ‘racist, sexist ways of the white slave-owners of privilege’ or some such communistic dreck. The seeds are planted, and the corrupt media will advance it. This is but a taste…

It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to recognize the stakes in this election and stop the Obama Revolution in its tracks. It will not be easy. EDUCATION OF WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE NECESSARY TO FIGHT THE LIES AND DISTORTIONS OF THE RADICALS. (Like they are part of the 99%)



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