Iran’s most popular film maker, Michael Moore: “Older Generation Who Didn’t Vote Obama Are Racist”


Thursday, January 12, 2012

From the Tavis Smiley Symposium on Poverty in America at Indiana University. Participants include Princeton professor Cornel West, TV host Suze Orman, filmmaker Michael Moore, and author Barbara Ehrenreich. Tavis Smiley moderates the discussion.


‘…and that’s younger people… because they are not as racist as the previous generations. I mean, can I just throw out just one stastic. The only white age group that President Obama won was 18-29 year olds. He lost every other white age group. So that may sound depressing. But the hopeful part is our young people they are going to fix this. You know this, our kids are not bigots they are not homophobes. They don’t look at things the way the parents and grandparents did”

What a despicable piece of trash! Older generation didn’t vote for the Obama because they have had the socialist Marxist agenda rammed down their throats like the youth of this country. Our schools are the indoctrination centers for these socialist thugs. Moore is correct about the youth; they are going to change this country if we don’t take back our schools. The Looney left socialist are in control of the schools right now and are doing everything they can to ram their agenda down the throat of our youth. Parents get busy, take back our schools.

 The moron just doesn’t get it; nor does he. If History has thought us anything about young people is that youth is wasted on the young. Most of us including myself were left of center during our youth; and only when we married, had a few kids and working our butts off trying to make ends meet did it became apparent we didn’t know enough about politics that made us think we were Democrats or Liberal. The transformation usually comes by the time you reach forty years of age; dues comes the saying, if you’re not a Liberal by the time you reach twenty-one you have no heart; but if you’re not a Conservative by the time your reach forty you have no brains. And the reason is clear; when you get older and wiser you realize the Government is not the solution, but the problem. Michael Moore has lived the American dream by distorting the facts and even if he knew the difference, he must maintain the charade to make money because he knows he has a captive audience within the young and foolish. I regret to say most of the foolish are older people that never seen the truth. Just look at Michael Moore; he is what a real fat Capitalist pig looks like.

 Moore is worth over 50 million dollars. He does not like any questions about his money but he is really concerned about the money of others. In Michael Moore’s liberal world and the world of other liberals like him, if you don’t vote for a blk democrat you are a racist, however, that does not apply to a blk GOP conservative. They are to be treated with disdain.

Obsessing over one theme (such as racism) may be an indication that something is not quite right up in that cranium. Moore and liberals may be displaying a certain mental dysfunction by this obsession over race in everything they see. Liberals seem incapable of viewing anything without the race factor included. He is implying that many Caucasians were obligated to vote Obama even when they did not like his beliefs and policies, and their obligation was to vote for him because he is not white. That, ladies and gentlemen, is racism. Liberals are racists because they cannot view anything without including race.

Any disparity shown by older people could easily be due to the fact they are not as easily impressed by the lies of King Barack. Taking $500 billion out of Medicare to lie to say Obamacare was “deficit neutral” didn’t impress seniors, either.

So just a reminder, anyone who does not fall into line with the progressive agenda is a bigoted homophobic hate monger.

Have y’all got that?



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