LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! MesSNBC Panelist: Economic Recovery is the Best of ‘our Lifetime’

 Of course this is on Martin Bats**t’s Program

 From National Review:

 In what is sure to be a staple of Democratic talking-points heading into the general election, former Democratic congressional staffer turned MSNBC talking head Julian Epstein argued that President Obama “has turned around an economy,” and that “that kind of economic turnaround, we have not seen in our lifetime.” The conservative on the panel, strategist Cheri Jacobus, cannot help but laugh. Meanwhile, host Martin Bashir is especially eager to hear how great the recovery has been.

Uh, yeah…  Exhibit A Detroit.

 Typical FLEABAGGER LIBTARD TV, this is what these networks do all day long, then the LAME STREAM MEDIA wonders why FOX has 2 to 3 times the viewership from morning to night according to the Nielsen Ratings !!!!!!!!!!! LAME STREAM MEDIA is going down the tubes because of these LEFTY WINGNUTS & I can tell you these FLEABAGGER networks do this all day long, just another reason FOX has been # 1 for 11 years now, there is a lot of smart people out there, good for you guys !!!!!!!!!!

 Now, either Mr. Epstein:
1. Has a very short memory;
2. Is suffering from dementia;
3. Is just plain stupid.
4. All of the above.

 Obama has turned the economy around?

Tell that to my friends who just shut down their “mom and pop” restaurant this week.
Tell that to a lady in our community who just shut down her store after 20 years.
Tell that to my brother who said he has had the worst year this year in the 31 years he has been in business and he will lay off some employees for the first time ever.
Tell that to a southern town that just shut down a portion of their plant — 4,500 people losing their job this week— because the business is going to Saudi Arabia.

Obama has turned the economy around?

Gees oh, Pete — do these talking heads ever get out in the real world?

 FYI: Julian Epstein was one of Bubba’s big explainers and protectors during the impeachment. Not that he would be biased in any way!

I didn’t notice his “Obama in 12” button, did it fall off?  Will the NBC crowd start running a plea for Obama donations on a crawl under the host’s screen?

 What’s the difference between Obama and Carter?
Carter didn’t ruin our nation on purpose.


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