Gee, You Think So… New Polls Show Signs of Serious WEAKNESS for President Obama

 ABC (All Barack Channel) News

There are plenty of Democrats and even some Republicans who view the Republican primary as a gift to President Obama. Sixteen debates, web videos and “you can’t even make this up” candidate behavior, have provided plenty of fodder for late night comedians and opposition researchers. Meanwhile, frontrunner Mitt Romney has solidified his place on top thanks mostly to the fact that his opponents have imploded.

 Even so, three new national polls should give Democrats some serious pause. They show a very vulnerable president who is serious danger of losing re-election. 

 ABC/Washington Post polling shows Obama’s approval rating at 48 percent. Pollster Gary Langer writes: “In polling since 1940, just four previous presidents have started their re-election year with less than 50 percent approval. Only one of them won, Richard Nixon in 1972.”

 Gallup’s Lydia Saad writes:” Obama’s job approval rating has averaged 44 percent in Gallup Daily tracking since the start of January. That is below the approval rating of seven out of eight previous incumbents at a comparable point in their presidencies.”

 CNN/ORC poll asked voters who they saw as best able to “get the economy moving.” Just 40 percent chose Obama, while 53 percent picked Romney.

 ABC/Washington Post and CNN/ORC polling show Obama in a dead heat with Romney.

Vulnerable? Say it isn’t so.

Operation Fast & Furious
Light Squared
Siga Technologies
Failure to PASS a Budget.
Failure to enforce Federal immigration laws
Failure to approve Trans-Canada Keystone Pipeline
Skirting Congress with unelected ‘czars’
America’s Credit Downgrade causes OUR investments to tank
30% loss in value of our homes
17.1% Real Unemployment
Highest Food Stamp usage in history
Suing AZ., and Al. and SC. and Boeing.
$800B for ‘shovel-ready’ Stimulus jobs that produced NO JOBS
Dept. of Energy under contempt of court and over 100 investigations
No Energy Policy…Oil & Coal production anemic
No Foreign Policy other than alienate our allies
Acorn / Union cronyism paybacks with OUR Taxes
1200 0bamaCare waivers to Democrat donators
Taking No responsibility while Blaming everything else
$5 TRILLION in DEBT his first term


There is another ominous sign… Try the collapse of our country and liberty along with it! If you vote for BHO, you are the same as this government that has declared war upon its people. They a gaggle of oath breaking dirt bags

Elmer Fudd could beat him in a fair election, but that is the problem. There will be such corruption in this election that Al Capone would blush with embarrassment.


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