Union Thugs and Marxist Progressives gather enough signatures to force WI Governor Scott Walker Recall Election

Cost of Union Thug organized Temper Tantrum could cost Wisconsin taxpayers $9 to $18 million deneros.

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. – Organizers of an effort to oust Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker say they are submitting 1 million petition signatures, almost double the number needed to force a recall election.

Their effort was spurred by anger over Walker’s efforts last year to reduce the bargaining power of public sector unions.

The Wisconsin elections board now must verify that there are enough valid signatures, a process expected to take several months.

In a recall election, voters can remove an elected official before the end of his or her term. In Wisconsin, those forcing the recall generally put up a candidate to face the official in a special election.

An election may not happen until June or later.

Why a recall election because he asked State Union Workers to contribute to their own benefits? No collective bargaining against the public treasury? As a private sector employee, you make a decision as to whether or not the pay and benefits offered are proper compensation for your effort. If not, you seek employment elsewhere. Why should state workers be exempt from this?

Furthermore, you leave out a hyperbolic media, and union bosses that framed this as “an assault on the working man”. Leave out the Democratic Assemblymen that fled the state so the vote could not even be cast. It’s all Scott Walker’s fault for balancing the budget as he said he would

Finally, if these Marxist Bozos are successful, then what, repeal the law and reinstate the benefits? That will raise the cost of employing State workers. How will the budget be balanced then? Tax the wealthy again? Lay off workers? What is the long term game here? All rhetoric aside, the budget needs to be balanced sooner or later and one way or another.

The guy saves the state from going bankrupt by taking it from a multi-billion dollar deficit to balancing the budget in 6 months without increasing taxes or mass layoffs! Yet the liberal left, union boss thugs, the media, and most of all, the total idiots who follow them – spend $9 million dollars more of the taxpayer’s money to overturn a fairly fought election and return the state of Wisconsin back into poverty? Incredible!

There’s a lesson here for the conservative right and independents out there, the left are like lunatic lemmings. They are so stupid and so hooked on government handouts, that they will follow their leaders and the media right off of a cliff if told to do so. It’s not about winning over their hearts and minds; there is no reasoning with most of them, just defeat!

Once the number of public workers is greater than private workers we are officially SCREWED as a nation and culture.  Spain, Greece and Italy are all examples of that scenario.


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