More Doctors now believe ObamaCare is one huge Cluster***k

USA Today

In late December, a survey of 501 physicians was released by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions research group, whose parent company serves clients in the health care industry. Nearly half (48%) expected health reform to hurt their incomes this year, while 73% said it would not reduce costs.

Though this isn’t a scientific survey, and other such surveys have and will show physicians’ support for the Affordable Care Act, the early glimpse of the law’s potential impact will likely lead to economic pain for doctors and a diminished system for their patients. Indeed, the Deloitte survey found that 69% of the physicians are “pessimistic about the future of medicine” because of the law.

What most people don’t understand is that most of the doctors in this country never warmed up to Obamacare in the first place Just because the AMA (American Medical Association) endorsed this cluster F–K of a Bill, people thought the Doctors were in favor~!!! The AMA only represents 40% of all the Doctors in the USA and over half of them did not agreed with their association~!!! What all the Republican prognosticators tried to tell us about this Bill is coming to pass and just the implementation of this Bill has cost you the Tax payer a lot of Money~!!! So pay attention next time and WAKE UP~!!!

The AMA doesn’t represent practicing doctors. They drank the Kool Aid but doctors working with patients didn’t, never did. Those are the ones being vocal now about how damaging Obamacare is for everyone.

Time for the Supreme Court to put this mess to rest and declare it unconstitutional; if not, we need a Republican in the White House to fix this and every mess Obama has created in 3 years. Don’t give Obama another 4 or we will never recognize this nation. It will be the world’s loss.

If any of you are wondering where Obamacare will lead if not stopped by the Supreme Court, Think about these facts.

The 3 largest organizations in the world based on the number of employees are as follows:

1. Chinese Army

2. The Indian Railroad

3. The British Healthcare System. (And it is very close to #2) So how many employees will be needed to handle a healthcare system as big as this one in the U.S.A.

So how much do you think Obamacare is going to cost? But we’re on $15 Trillion in debt right now so we can probably swing handling a few more federal employees!

Then ask yourself and then a Liberal friend this; can you name one thing the government has touched that has turned golden?


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