AWWW, what’s Wrong Mr. President did the Bully GOP Governor from AZ get the best of you?

After getting into a confrontation on the tarmac; just moments after Air Force One landed in Arizona, President Obama and Governor Jan Brewer of AZ appeared to have a heated exchange.  Our 44th President was upset about her book “Scorpions for Breakfast” and President O took umbrage.  Apparently our President can’t take any criticism.

Get your ass back on that plane, and bring me Holders’ Head!

History is full of stories about emperors, kings, dictators being surrounded with eunuchs who suck up and keep their lives and enrich themselves. This symbiotic relationship props up even the weakest, most insane ruler until something happens to oust him.

Congress will do nothing because it might hurt their individual pocketbooks. The Court will do nothing. It is left to us; the majority of America, to prevent voter fraud and assure our country never gets here again due to the nation of sheep who voted for this. We need more votes than the voter fraud.

Baby Barry is about to get rejection. After a lifetime of being told how special he is, this is going to hurt his little boy feelings. A whole big lot of hurt coming to Team Obama. Time to find your BIG BOY PANTS BARRY! Maybe Michelle has them in the back of her closet.

If he was any more thin-skinned, he’d need a reservoir tip. – Dennis Miller


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