So Peggy Joseph how is all of the Obama Hope and Change S**t working out for you?

We all remember Peggy Joseph, the Obamabot whom three years ago went to a BHO rally and declared the Obama would not only pay her car and mortgage payments, but that he was the second coming of Jesus. /sarc

“I never thought this day would ever happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he’s gonna help me.”

My question is might she be a little disillusioned at Obama or still waiting him to solve her problems?  Did she become a Tea Partier?  Or is she still waiting for Obama to bring forth the sea of ineptness of Big Mama Government to her?

Solving the financial problems in Peggy Joseph’s life can’t be done by yet another give-away, big government, welfare program, even if she had gotten relief from BHO, himself. She is the duped victim of Barry’s philosophy that is INTENDED to promote even more government dependency, because he is deceitful enough to buy votes with OUR money (OUR productivity) with false promises.

That is why she had the audacity to act like a government sponsored beggar with NO SHAME. This is an example of the depravity that this country has descended into. We can thank this sorry excuse of a President to double and triple down with his Marxist philosophy that continues to appeal to that half of the population that is willing to rob from the other half of the population that is painted as having unethically stolen from the poor. His rate of debt increase to the tune of $4 billion per day with NO real improvement in the US economy (for the last three years) is all the proof you need as he engages in huge give-away programs to his corporate, union, and community organizer (mob) supporters.

The productive part of America had better wake up to the BHO deception that has NO desire to solve the near Depression (bankrupt) STATE-of-the-UNION. He continues to believe that with his lying, mass-media, Socialist propaganda arm he can continue to lead us into his version of the Marxist utopia (that no society has ever achieved) with him being the Messiah-in-Chief, aka, Liar-in-Chief, with absolutely NO accountability.

I have a few questions for Peggy Joseph. If she is supposed to be a genuine subject (serf) of Obama-the-Great’s new Marxist Empire, then why doesn’t she support the minimum carbon foot print that is expected in His Kingdom? Why does she need gasoline and a car? Why isn’t she using mass transit or car-pooling like a good little Socialist, some of whom worship the Earth? Why doesn’t she find a federally subsided housing commune for shelter and avoid the mortgage payments altogether?

Doesn’t she know how to become a national example of the Keynesian model citizen? [Keynes was a British Socialist-economist who lived from 1883 to 1946 and had huge influence on the creation of the modern Welfare State]. It was Keynes that proposed three major points for economic fairness and social justice in the post-Constitutional era.

1) Government provided (income) safety net.
2) Government provided (free) health care for all, regardless of income.
3) Government guaranteed housing for all who can’t afford it.

Come on, Mr. Obama; quit hiding your REAL beliefs and agenda. Don’t you believe in a Constitution of “Positive Rights” such as FDR and his Second Bill of Rights? Surely, this could be your creed.

Tell us why you didn’t reprimand Peggy Joseph for her outlandish expectations. Why didn’t you tell her to get with the Marxist good-citizen-program so we could see into your soul and also see what you have planned for the rest of us, i.e., Shared Prosperity/Sacrifice?

May God have mercy on this Nation – what’s left of it!


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