Occupy Wall Streeters I am waiting for an answer, just what the “F” are you all protesting?

Just curious, exactly what are these people protesting? Since this whole stupid thing started, I don’t believe I have ever heard a real, substantive reason. It sounds more like; “WAAAH! WAAAH! GIVE US MORE, WAAAH!

Wealth inequality seems to be an issue;  you mean the people who screwed around in school, didn’t graduate, or barely did and are a poor worker all his or her life? Those people versus the successful who work an average of 65 hours a week to make a better life for themselves and their families? There is no wealth inequality, just people with job skill that are worth more. Stop looking for handouts.  You forgot smoking dope for the majority of their waking hours; not that you could tell.

Wealth inequality? Is that when one guy does the bare minimum to keep his job, calling out sick as often as he can, milking every hour he spends at work, while another fellow works extra hours, a second job, and buys rental properties to supplement his income and support his family? Is this what these protesters (and you) consider ‘unfair’? Is the second fellow the one who you, and the protesters want to pay his ‘fair share’ while the first skates on by?

There are times when I almost feel sorry for the OWS losers. It just boggles the mind that anybody thinks that punishing the “rich” will make their lives better. You people are just political pawns in Obama’s class warfare rhetoric, and you blindly follow like sheep right over the cliff, once you get the energy to leave your mommy’s basement.

The bottom line is that the OWS protesters have accomplished NOTHING other than leaving a smelly stench behind anything they’ve “occupied”.

Keep being useful idiots. Someday, somehow, “some” of you will wake up and realize that it’s time to get a life and contribute something useful to society. Not all, but some.

This nonsense going on in Oakland has about as much to do with the “Occupy” movement as Maher in a church. The original pretense had some decent points but that quickly deteriorated into an excuse to riot and damage property.

What I would like to know is why there is such a lack of testicular fortitude in our government to call this crap what it is and get it out of there. Oakland businesses cannot afford this and left to fester this will only get more violent.

Liberals have reduced America to a cowardly, sniveling country of politically correct whiners, who drive electric “smart” cars, conserve water because they’ve been told there is a “shortage”, and rely on government officials to tell them what kind of light bulbs they are to use. It’s called the “chickification of the nation”, and its misery will last – and spread – as long as liberals are in charge. Testicular fortitude went out when Ronald Reagan left the scene.

Thugs. This is the state of the contemporary left. Having been fed a constant stream of narcissistic self-indulgence, been told they are morally superior without having the burden of behaving moral, the modern leftist has become exactly what she claims the rest of us are.

Brutish, ignorant thugs.


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