Don’t know about you but I am tired of being called racist because I oppose Obama

As a nation, we struggle to verbalize our innermost feeling about race. The Progressives have succeeded with their main weapon of political correctness. Look how our modern lexicon has changed. We can’t call Asians Orientals, we can’t call Blacks Negros, we can’t call people attracted to the same sex as homosexuals but rather gays, and this is absurd. God forbid that you call someone crippled; they must be called physically impaired or challenged. The worst of all is that this Administration cannot call people that kill innocent civilians in the name of some ideology terrorist, they are called extremist. Remember that Major Nidal Husan’s act of terrorism was said to be violence in the workplace.

My point is that that we have become a society that is afraid to say what we feel because someone will determine you are insensitive to others less fortunate. Most of Middle America believes in our founding document and equal opportunity for all, not the myth of equal outcomes. For the Progressives, it is all about eliminating the individual from thought for the rights of some group that they pigeonhole us in. It is easier for the elite to control the populous that way.

Any vote against Obama will be said to be racist. Many people voted for him because of the historic nature of his election. Some misguided souls will do that again even though it is not in their self-interest to do so. Class warfare is the weapon of choice now. But ask yourself this one question. Who are the people who have been paying $38,500 to attend the Obama fundraisers? Are they the poor among us? Even after all the “fat cat” rhetoric, the wealthy are still contributing a lot of money to Obama. They are special interest that expects something in return, are they not?

He entered office with one thing on his mind, his agenda to “change” America from the greatest nation on earth, to a weakened socialist welfare state, based on his own racist background and philosophies of the world. He was placing America at the mercy of opinions and directions from other nations (some enemies of America). He entered office KNOWING the state of the budget and instead of giving the immediate attention it needed he ignored it and jumped in with both feet and a shovel to ADD to the debt with his own spending and giving away hard earned American tax dollars. He jammed his anti-American agenda down Americas’ throat while he traveled the world promoting himself, praising other nations, (some enemies of America) and insulting America, its’ people, constitution, military and anything else American. He calls us racists and traitors for not agreeing with his anti-American agenda. He has treated us as though we are ignorant, unwanted, needy, step-children. When Americans were falling into despair from losing jobs, homes, businesses, etc., due to his decisions, he didn’t blink an eye until the time started nearing for reelection. I guess he thought that if he started coming up with “some” jobs and “saving” everyone at the last minute, he would look good. He doesn’t apologize; he abuses “the last guy did it” for everything that is failing during his term. But if left-over from “the last guy” works out well, he takes the credit for it, even if he insulted it in the first place. These are merely a FEW of the Many reasons (too much to include) that we dislike and distrust him. Now he is using the RACE card!?!? To insult us even again. It is not because of his 4 or 5 ancestries that we dislike him, but because he is anti-American, he is not one of us.


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