Obama Administration Pulls Unemployment Numbers out of their Collective Asses

Washington Times

The White House hyped the news Friday February 3 that January payrolls had risen by 243,000. The hitch is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also dropped 1.2 million from the calculated workforce. Somehow this net loss of a million workers in a single month was transformed into an improvement in the unemployment rate. As the old saying goes, figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.

“Job growth was widespread,” the BLS reported, but most Americans sense that something isn’t quite right with the numbers. The most important change was the deep decline in the workforce. While the overall population jumped a 1.6 million in January, the workforce declined a record-setting 1.2 million. This figure represents those who out of sheer frustration or for other reasons have dropped out of what the government defines as the active labor pool. They are worse than simply unemployed; they are both jobless and hopeless.

When I was in college I read a book called “How to Lie with Statistics” Someone in the White House must have written this book or else they took it to heart. Anyone that believes this lie has to be a true believer and will accept anything coming out of the White House and BO’s mouth.

Are we expected to accept this crass subterfuge by the Bureau of Labor Statistics? On top of this insult, the media goons are praising this “great news”, blatantly lying to our face. We must demand the truth. Data is specifically being manipulated for Obama and his thugs by the BLS. Playing with numbers to garner votes is totally unacceptable. People are desperate, scared, and despondent and they have stopped looking for jobs. Don’t these poor people count in the calculations from the BLS or are they simply an inconvenience? The BLS must be held accountable for their data and their light weight numbers cruncher’s need to be reprimanded or fired. This is irresponsible and detrimental to the wellbeing of our Nation.

I love America. I am convinced however, that it is getting harder and harder to truly believe in this country. The over-confident politicians believe that we are dumb. They thrive in their world of greed, lies and garbage while trying to stuff cow manure down our throats. Every single political hack on every level of government should start to be afraid of “We the People”, because we simply cannot take this much longer.

How can we trust anything from the Labor Department when Obama unconstitutionally appoints another unvetted Obama agenda crony to produce propaganda in the Labor Department for the Obama Pravda (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and the NY Times)? When Obama finishes “the job” the Constitution will be dismantled, the economy, the legislature, the military and government will all be internationalized, every citizen will be tax indentured entitlement dependent servants to a government that Marco Rubio said our parents and grandparents left behind to come to this country. Just look at Ken Salazar’s new Civilian Conservation Corps for 20,000 of our budget cut veterans to work at digging ditches and pulling weeds, WHEN THEY COULD BE WORKING ON THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE MAKING ENOUGH MONEY TO SOMEWHAT REPAY OUR DEBT TO THEM, INSTEAD, THEY COME BACK AND ARE RELEGATED TO THE UNSKILLED. SOME DAYS YOU WANT TO PUKE.

Look, it’s obvious you have a race card playing, class warfare Marxist leader who does nothing but block businesses he feels are illegitimate and wastes tons of other people’s money on failing “green” companies. This man will do ANYTHING to stay in power. Everything he says is pretty much a lie or distortion of reality. He wants to create dependence on government that will only fail the people when it’s done wasting trillions on special interests regardless of how much he taxes the rich. The rich can’t afford this man’s spending habits. Raising taxes is a waste of time and he knows that. Dividing people along racial and financial lines is what Obama does best. I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING that comes out of any of Obama’s Czars or cabinet members because it’s all manipulation designed to simply keep this empty suit as a president. Sadly, it’s as simple as that


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