Progressive Hollywood-Moonbat-Obamabot-Tool Barbra Streisand: “Barack Obama has not put anyone on food stamps.”

Barbra Streisand at the Huffington Post Friday evening:

‘Recently in a debate moderated by Fox News analyst, Juan Williams, Gingrich was questioned about controversial remarks he had made about poverty and African Americans. Gingrich had previously said black Americans should demand jobs, not food stamps. Juan Williams attempted to coax Gingrich into acknowledging that he was playing racial politics. To which Gingrich responded untruthfully that, “more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history.” And there ended that portion of the debate with Gingrich receiving deafening applause from the audience, looking strong and principled. What Juan Williams failed to point out in that moment is that Barack Obama has not put anyone on food stamps. The grossly irresponsible and greedy practices of those on Wall Street, which led to the subsequent crash of the housing market, created the most severe recession our country has experienced since the Great Depression (which Obama inherited from George W. Bush when he entered office). These events, along with the continuous deregulation of our financial sector, conspired to make a record number of people eligible for government food assistance. Juan Williams completely missed this important opportunity to reveal the real truth behind Gingrich’s racist assertions.’

Seriously, Barbra Streisand, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi need to get together for a Comedy Tour.

I can’t stand the “he inherited it” line anymore. If a pitching coach is hired knowing he will be working with the worst staff in the league, he has a couple of choices:

1. Don’t take the job

2. Take the job and make the staff better and improve their performance.

I don’t think he would get too far blaming the previous coach for his failure. If it was so horrible that he is rendered completely ineffective, then I guess the incompetent should not have taken the job in the first place and certainly should not have come in and made things far worse . As to Babs, who gives a flying f—- what she thinks?

Ms Streisand wouldn’t know anybody on food stamps if they fell out of the sky and hit her. Does anybody besides me get how utterly stupid that story is? Maybe she should actually go out to the part of L.A. where homeless people are living in discarded refrigerator boxes and donate some of her millions to a shelter. Typical far left liberal loon pin head!

They all love to get in front of an audience and tell them to “donate” – and really believe that they  are “so special” that “just standing there” for all to see is a “giant donation” to society – and that is  “their” contribution.

And I suppose the White House also didn’t come out with an article last week offering groups $75,000 grants to figure out a way to make even more people eligible for food stamps. ??

Try reading up on that one Barbara.

What do you expect from a Hollywood 1%er, elitist? She’ll never have to stress about how she’ll pay for her next meal, or her utilities, or rent.  She’ll never have to worry about finding a job. What does she care? She doesn’t; she’s just trying to look like she’s smart. Do us a favor Ms. Smarty-pants; until you have not been able to get a job for a year or more, and until you have no money to live on, or have to comfort your kids crying because they’re hungry stay the hell out of politics, you stink and you have no idea what you are talking about. You have been too cozy to even have a clue about what the people of this nation are experiencing.

Your comments disgust me with your ignorance.

I’m beginning to think, to be called a liberal, you must make stupid statements. Where has Barbara Streisand been? On an ice berg somewhere trying to feed the endangered Polar Bears? Even though they’re not endangered. It’s just another liberal scam. There are 49 – 50 million Americans presently on Food Stamps. A few weeks ago, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem too proud of that fact, when she said their economics told them the quickest way to get money in the of the American people, was though Food Stamps. While I understand, for every $5 in Food Stamps you get $9 of economic activity. To have that many Americans on Food Stamps is an insult to America. This great nation was not built on Food Stamps.  This nation was built on greatness, the vision of our Founding Fathers, who gave a vision of freedom, a nation’s political leaders who were to work for the American people. And, not the people controlled and told what to do, how to live and what Doctor to go to. Today, there are too many people in Washington, who believe they should have control over the American people. Rep. Barney Frank said in December 09, “We want to inject more government into the lives of the American people”. John Dingle of MI said the day after the day after the Health Care was passed, “We’re finally going to control the American people”. No, our nation built by that brilliant vision given to us by our Founding Fathers. Then our ancestors who immigrated to American, where they saw a better life, for their families. From generation to generation our ancestor’s just built upon that great vision. Then great men with genius, such as Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, plus, millions of Americans who used that vision to make success stories, which are encalcublle. As usual, being so called elite Streisand is wrong. And, Nancy Pelosi along with President Obama, have no idea how great America was and is and will be in the future without this liberal nonsense.

Barbara, you could do so much good, sell all but one of your beautiful mansions, set up a trust to pay the operating costs of the one you choose to live in so your lifestyle remains at the level you like, set up a monthly annuity with some other funds so you’re comfortable, then with the remaining money put your money where your mouth is!

Live on a salary of 60K a year, donate the rest of your wealth and get those who need assistance around you off of “food stamps”. You can do this; it’s your spoken ideology.



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