Current TV = #Occupy TV?

After watching Cenk Ugyur’s attempt at interviewing Andrew Breitbart AND




Sub Moronic tweets from Keith Olberdork


One must ask if Current TV’s niche in the Cable Network jungle is to be the official network for the rob, rape and pillage #Occupy Movement.

 It is reprehensible that any alleged “news network” would blindly ignore the criminal activity going on at the Occupy mob sites. It is disgusting that a supposedly pro-female, liberal leaning network would confront such allegations by saying THEY DIDN’T HAPPEN. Wouldn’t journalism at least involve INVESTIGATING such allegations, if only to somewhat exonerate the movement.

Cenk Ugyur replaced at MSNBC by AL SHARPTON. Keith Olbermann, the poster boy of everything that’s wrong with liberals, progressives/socialists, plus an absolute menace to Twitter. Jennifer Granholm, who got run out of the Governorship of Michigan barely fifteen months ago.

Provided that America does the right thing and runs out President Obama and turns the Senate over to the GOP, Current TV should join Air America in oblivion…or Algore can go bankrupt trying to keep it afloat.

I Googled “Keith Olbermann interviews Andrew Breitbart” and no results.  Apparently, Keithy doesn’t interview people whom he knows will give him the verbal smackdown of his life…  But there are a lot of links to “Andrew Breitbart Worst Person in the World”.

By the way, the webcast production quality from down in Olbermann’s Mom’s basement is simply amazing!


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