Tony Bennett left his Brains in San Francisco – Call for Legalization of ALL Drugs


Singer Tony Bennett called for the legalization of drugs over the weekend, suggesting that more lenient laws could have saved musicians like Whitney Houston.

“First it was Michael Jackson, and then there was Amy Winehouse, and now, the magnificent Whitney Houston,” Bennett said at a pre-Grammy party on Saturday, hours after Houston’s death was announced.

“I’d like to have every gentleman and lady in this room commit themselves to get our government to legalize drugs,” he said. “So they have to get it from a doctor, not just some gangsters that just sell it under the table.”

 Okay Tony I am now thoroughly convinced of one of these things:

1)      One of your management “handlers” must have convinced you to become a “hipster” and to start espousing the liberal claptrap diatribe of “Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll”

2)      You have become senile or the dementia has now officially kicked in.

This is a perfect example of the differences between a Conservative and a Liberal. If a conservative dies as a result of a drug addiction, his family mourns and tries to see how they might help prevent others from loosing a loved one to drugs. If a liberal looses someone to a drug addiction they also mourn BUT want drugs legalized and available for everyone. Makes perfect sense to them…

 Tony here is a review of a couple of celebrity deaths in the past couple of years:

 Michael Jackson died from acute propofol intoxication administered to him by a doctor.

 Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning — a legal, easily available substance.

 A fatal combination of painkillers, sleeping pills and anti-depressants — all legal prescription drugs — killed Heath Ledger.

 Brittany Murphy died from multiple drug intoxications (only prescription and over-the-counter medications according to the medical exam) combined with pneumonia.

 And Anna Nicole Smith overdosed on prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

 All these drugs are legal and prescribed by doctors. Contrary to what Tony Bennett and other legalizers would like to think, legalization does not prevent the abuse and misuse of drugs. In fact, it accelerates it.

As for Bennett’s fascination of Amsterdam, he should realize that its legalization experiment has failed miserably. With the legalization of marijuana came an increase in drug addictions and dependency followed by illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking and crime. After a rapid influx of organized crime, the Netherlands has announced that it will ban foreigners from the country’s pot shops starting in 2013.

I think he is a disturbed old man. Just recently on Howard Stern he was blaming the U.S. for 9/11. So he’s out there on that one too. He reminds me of the uncomfortable relative that just keeps blabbing and won’t shut up; so you make up any excuse to get away from them. I also heard an interview that said he doesn’t even have a drivers license. Are you kidding me? What a pampered old baby. Yes Tony Bennett, please bless us with more of your riveting and intelligent ideas. You couldn’t even pass a drivers test.

That is such a sad comment by Mr. Bennett.  Someone dies of maybe drugs and he wants to legalize them!  Please stop giving Hollywoood and air or written time.  They have all lost their souls and probably their minds.

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