Rep Paul Ryan: Obama Has ‘Paternalistic, Arrogant’ Attitude

From The Hill

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on “Meet the Press”: “What we’re getting from the White House on this conscience issue, it’s not an issue about contraception, it’s an issue that reveals a political philosophy the President is showing that he basically treats our constitutional rights as if they were revocable privileges from our government, not inalienable rights from our creator.”

All due respect, it’s not “paternalistic”, Mr. Ryan. Obama is being PATRONIZING, and he is a narcissistic liar with delusions of “godhood” that describes him. A person who lies consistently, because he thinks he is the only person who should rule the “little people” while at the same time, usurping his powers believing he is a “god”. And, why not? Obama has been treated like a “god” since day one. Look at the way his followers pant and drool over everything he has said or done? Remember the Hollywood Spectacle in Denver? THAT is the arrogance of a person who believes he IS a “god”, and therefore, has a right to rule over the people. And, he wants ANOTHER Hollywood Spectacle in the Bank of America stadium so he can accept his party’s nomination. And, he’s rubbing non-union workers’ faces in it since it was built by non-union workers.

How much do people need to see who Obama really is?

Ryan is just half right.

Obama despises the American values of the Middle Class, Capitalism and true Judeo-Christian Principles. This is because of three particular reasons:

a) He is the product of an unwanted conception (at least from his father point of view). He hates healthy Middle Class American Families because he did not have one. He claims he wants to help the Middle Class, but in fact what he wants is to CONTROL us.

b) He is a disciple of the Theology of Liberation (a la Saul Alinsky style). He believes that Rich People are evil; he thinks the Middle Class is mean and selfish. So do his wife and Pastor.

c) He belongs to a selected “Club” of the “enlightened”. To them Our Middle Class American Values and our Constitution mean NOTHING. He and his ‘fellow Club members” are convinced that they know what is best for Society, and WE WILL DO AS THEY SAY whether we like it or not. The Democratic process is irrelevant to them.

What baffles me is the lack of outrage in the halls of congress. This man has urinated on our Constitution again and again but where are the articles of impeachment? Congress should be diligently creating such articles for Obama – violation of 1st Amendment, failure to honor Ally agreements, illegal use of the peoples’ resources; Holder – dereliction of duty, gross incompetency, racism; Geitner – gross negligence, gross incompetency; Ginsburg – failure to defend the Constitution as proscribed by the Oath of Office; Kagan – failure to recuse herself due to insider knowledge; – there are others but these will do as a start.

The man will stop at nothing to get reelected and fill the campaign quest to be the billion dollar man. Now he’s prostituting his daughters for campaign purposes. How many hard working Americans are grinning ear to ear after taking an expensive ski outing and then pulled into the nearest gas station to fill up to get to work on Monday morning. Total elitist narcissists!

King Obama is more than paternalistic and arrogant; he is a Marxist with power. Since when do Marxist’s, respect a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, the rule of law. They believe they are source of all law. Obama is no different. Remember, he wants to “rule.” He accepts no compromise because he has a right to demand anything he pleases. The Declaration of Independence had a word for such rulers. Our last king, George III was this – a “tyrant.”


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