Switching from Peter to Paul: Jobless file for disability insurance when their 99 WEEKS of Unemployment Insurance run out


Being unemployed for too long reportedly is driving people mad and costing taxpayers billions of dollars in mental illness and other disability claims.

The New York Post reported Sunday that as unemployment checks run out, many jobless are trying to gain government benefits by declaring themselves unhealthy.

More than 10.5 million people — about 5.3 percent of the population aged 25 and 64 — received disability checks in January from the federal government, the Post wrote, an 18 percent jump from before the recession.

Among those claiming disability, 43 percent are asking for benefits because of mental illness, the Post wrote. A growing number of those people are older, former white-collar workers.

Disability claims come from the Social Security Trust Fund, which is set to go broke in 2018. Congress last week agreed to dip into the revenue stream to give a 2-percentage point tax break to working Americans.

The Post noted that the more people file for disability claims, the better for the unemployment picture since those people are removed from the jobless rolls.

This is what happens when you become a nanny state. Everyone starts to want something for nothing, and as seen in Europe, they riot if they don’t get it. And once given, just try to take it away (see Wisconsin Teachers Union for details)! Guess we are all about to get a taste of what stockholders at Chrysler got two years ago! I say we go back decades, find every Congressman who voted to raid the SS fund, and throw them in jail, and if they are deceased, dig them up and put them in a cell with one who is still living!!

Why are all these medical professionals giving the go ahead to say these people are disabled? There are way too many people that are so-called disabled. These people do everything else in their lives but, when it comes to work they are disabled. But when you look at the real mentally challenged. They have special schools and places to work to help them overcome their disabilities a live a normal life. These other lazy people are just playing the system a getting away with it. They should be put into programs such as the real disabled to be able to collect benefits until they join the workforce again. That will bring the number applying down significantly.
The unemployment numbers during this recession have been bogus since the start. Show me one, just one food bank that has had decreased demand for food… Better yet since unemployment has (according to the government dropped 20% from the highs of 10% plus) show me one entitlement or aid source that has had decreased demand across our land… You still believe the numbers.

Obama’s record of failure, misguided policies, and economic destruction is too perfect for it to be an accident.  Obama pulled us America in to this. I used to think he was simply stupid but have changed my mind. I think he is simply evil and hates America as it has always been. If you buy property with an old house on it and want to build a new one in its place, the first thing you have to do is dismantle the old house and (get it out of the way) and I think that is exactly what Obama is trying to do, dismantle the old system and (Get it out of the way). He doesn’t care about the unemployed or what they have to go through while the system is being dismantled. (Sad very sad).


2 thoughts on “Switching from Peter to Paul: Jobless file for disability insurance when their 99 WEEKS of Unemployment Insurance run out

  1. WALOC! There has not been enough time since the first of the 99 weekers started missing their checks for those who actually applied for disability for reasons of mental illness (especially) to successfully negotiate the bureaucracy of an SSA disability approval to swell the ranks by 18%. It is numerically, statistically impossible!

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