Andrew Breitbart: Hollywood could not have of dreamt of “Fast and Furious”

Breitbart told “The Daily Caller” that of the big stories that the media is ignoring the “Fast & Furious” scandal is one of his top picks. He said that even those in Hollywood couldn’t dream up a scenario where the government crafts a program with the “[purpose] of creating a narrative that they could use in America to try and thwart our Second Amendment constitutional rights.”

These are the facts:

Fact #1: Under Operation “Fast and Furious,” Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder KNOWINGLY violated the law by allowing Mexican drug cartels to acquire thousands of assault weapons.

Fact #2: Weapons found at the murder scene of U.S. BorderPatrol Agent Brian Terry (who was shot in the back with an AK-47) have been DIRECTLY LINKED to Operation “Fast and Furious.”

Fact #3: In light of the facts above, Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder are Accessories to Murder.

Future historians will put Obama and his minions in the most corrupt column. He will go down as the most corrupt, most divisive and most un-American president ever. Yes the truth will come out eventually and it will also be said that the MSM was complicit in his dealings and that they stood by and did nothing because their partisan political views made them blind to the truth.

Fast & Furious is just another attempt to help stir up support to do away with guns. The problem most liberals have is the truth. Guns endless lives than the automobile. If I thought like a liberal, I would have to conclude that Obama actually supports an industry bent on the destruction of American lives. It is equally ridiculous to blame autos for deaths as it is guns. It is the people behind the instrument that causes the death, not the instrument itself.

The Constitution is worthless if no one enforces it. Obama will continue to do whatever he pleases until Congress stops him. The President of the US has always been given a certain level of privilege to run the country how he sees fit; however, it has gotten way out of hand in this case. Racism is the specter that frightens away any justice. Bush or Reagan would have been impeached and imprisoned by now.

Apparently the citizens don’t matter at this point in our history. Voter fraud is a science and the communists are so numerous in Washington, it wouldn’t matter if Reagan was resurrected. The bureaucrats run this country now. They’ve moved the USSR to the USSA.

An ideological radical progressive liberal like Obama and his administration of thugs would be sinister enough to not only dream-up “fast and furious” but attempt to put it into effect. The intent of “fast and furious” was to put American gun manufactures guns on the streets of Mexico, killing Mexican citizens. In turn the Mexican government would file lawsuits against U.S. gun manufacturers with the Obama administrations hopes of the costly litigation expenses bankrupting our gun manufacturers, that was there ploy and there goal. The Obama administration is so corrupt they make Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.

Make this your bumper sticker:

“Drugs kill people.
And Drug Cartels ARMED BY OBAMA kill people.
US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Rest In Peace.”


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