The Revealing Science of the Progressive Mind on the Death Penalty

A short post rant.

Sidenote: Title of the rant is ripped off  from a bad, pretentious 20 minute plus song by Yes called “The Revealing Science of God”.  Don’t buy the album ever.  Give the money to the church or your favorite charity.  Seriously, it is that bad of an album.

The liberal philosophy regarding the sanctity of human life:

1. The most valuable human life is the murderer. He should never be executed, even if the execution would save other lives through its deterrent effect.
2. Of much less value are the lives of innocent people, adults and children. Their lives must not be protected at the expense of murderers.
3. Of least value of all are the lives of babies. It is entirely acceptable to kill 800,000 babies a year in the US alone. They cannot vote, you see.

When I was young and ignorant I opposed capital punishment. Not long after that time it occurred to me that the murderers cared not a thing about their victims, so why should they receive any more consideration than they gave their victims. The people who oppose capital punishment also likely oppose self-defense, castle doctrine laws, concealed carry, and anything else that might possibly turn the poor criminal into a ‘victim’. Their logic is so bizarre and flawed that it is indefensible. It’s like arguing with the dog, except the dog listens and might wag his tail.

There is one main reason why some people are against the death penalty. That is that they think it will never happen to them or one of their loved ones. This, combined with an inability to truly feel for the suffering of murder victims or their families, leads some people to say that there should be no death penalty. It doesn’t affect them, they think. The strength of this idea is that it would oblige even liberals to imagine the possibility that they might have to bear the consequences of their foolish decisions. And bearing the consequences of their decisions is something that liberals do not like. They do not like it one bit.

Last year, 50 people were executed in the U.S. Some of them may have been innocent.

Also last year, 800,000 babies were executed in the U.S. All of them absolutely were innocent.

Can we get a little perspective, here?

Of abortions and executions, which of these can we truly say are “safe, legal, and rare”?


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