And now a word from Brainiac Dem Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Americans “Overwhelmingly” Support ObamaCare

Fox Nation

Wasserman Schultz: Well if you didn’t know, because if you dig down and ask whether Americans think that insurance companies should be able to drop them or deny them coverage for pre-existing conditions, they say no, overwhelmingly. If you dig down and ask them if they think young adults should be able to stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26, they say, yes, they should. If you ask seniors whether they think the donut hole should be reopened and that coverage gap in prescription drugs in Medicare should be remain open, they say, no, of course not.
The pieces of healthcare reform, when you ask Americans about them, they overwhelmingly support them and that is exactly what the Republicans on the stage last night would repeal, lock, stock, and barrel and go back to putting the insurance industry in charge of our health care decisions. And then to add insult to injury, they would tell women what we have to do with our bodies and control when and whether we could have a family by not allowing us access to contraception without a co-pay and without a deductible. That’s why I say the one-word application to that field is extreme.

She reminds me of a child that lies so much that she can’t force herself to tell the truth anymore. What a waste of good air.

Every poll says 65% or more of the population hates Obamacare. You have to be an idiot to believe what she’s saying. You’d have to be a sociopath to make the claim in the first place.

She must wake up every morning asking herself what realities she has to ignore so she can keep believing liberal dreams. I’d kill myself up if I had her job.

She knows she’s lying, but she doesn’t care. The truth is irrelevant to the Democrat leadership.

She knows Obama’s barbaric supporters will believe anything she says, especially when it comes to government giveaways these parasites perceive as owed to them. Naturally, they’re too stupid to understand that ObamaCare will thoroughly bankrupt the country. Plus, they’re overwhelmed with hatred for the good people of these United States, the ones who actually pay the bills.

To say that Americans love the healthcare reform act by picking a small proportion of the regulations that people do like is disingenuous and a completely false premise. Those regulations like the preexisting conditions clause and such are well liked and could probably fit on several pages of legislation. The rest of the crap around it covers over 2,000 pages and puts the government squarely in the middle of our lives. Ms. Debbie, will you please stop lying to the American people just so you can keep your job and your power.

This is the Barack Obama who repeatedly promised the healthcare debates would be on CSPAN — after which the bill was written in closed rooms with Republicans locked out.

This is also the Barack Obama: the one who, when finally forced by public opinion to at least hold an on-camera dog-and-pony-show as a display of bipartisan camaraderie, opened the discussion by telling a man who was in public service before Barry was zipping up his own pants, “the election is over, John. I won.”

The only political discussion Barack Obama would welcome is the one concerning where to erect his statue after he leaves office: An enormous full-body presentation facing Mount Rushmore so that, from the public viewing platform, it looks like the other former Presidents have their faces planted slightly below his waist level; or lined up behind the Statue of Liberty, trying to bend her over….

You will never get the Dems to seriously discuss what would be good for the country. They’re not interested in the good of the country. They’re interested in pandering for votes amongst the special interest groups that make up their constituency. Gays, unions, unemployed, fill-in-the-blank-Americans, 29-to-34-year-old-white-college-educated-single-green-eyed-one-legged-carhops, any way they can carve out a demographic that they can then pander to. You see it in glaring Technicolor with our current POTUS: he’s the most divisive president of modern times, because all his political background tells him that’s what works. Best interests of the Country? Immaterial. “The Country” doesn’t vote. People vote, and people can be carved into ever smaller, more specialized demographic slivers, which can then be targeted with ever more specialized rhetoric, empty promises or, if necessary, entitlements.

Chairman Mao was wrong. Here in America, political power does not come from the barrel of a gun. It comes from a checkbook. And the Dems have started playing their game with the taxpayers’ checkbook, buying votes from special interest groups using public funds borrowed from future taxpayers. I’m sure it seemed brilliant at the time. What it’s going to do, in the long run, is utterly destroy the country. But then, they don’t really care about the country.

The problem is Voters always LIKE all the freebies and dislike the costs.

Very few voters actually care about our Constitution, liberties, the rule of law, etc. SO socialists just have to keep disassociating the costs from the benefits (you get freebies, somebody else has to pay for it) and slowly but surely voters will give them the universe.

That’s why the White House loves this argument about contraceptives. Voters vote for getting free contraceptives, free anything as long as someone else is forced to pay for it even if they have to give up their religious liberty in the process.

This is the challenge that faces conservative minds everywhere. We must make our neighbors understand how deadly this path is, has always been and will always be if the nation is to survive.

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Finally this just in from the Ministry of Truth, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.



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