Useful Idiot, Obama Tool, Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner – Rich need to Pay for Privilege of Being an American

A Rant.

I was born in America. It is not a privilege. It is simply my birthright. Had I been born elsewhere, it is true, things could have been harder. However, it was not America that gave me my rights, but God. I therefore have inherent birth-rights. Now, what about the Democrat view? That I should be proud about having the government rob me of my wages in order to buy themselves more votes? To that I say, nay. It is my money, not theirs. So what is fair regarding taxes? A flat rate is fair. Why a flat rate? Because when God asked for tithing he asked for a flat rate to one and all. He did not say you poor should not pay tithing. He said you poor should pay ten percent of your increase. To the rich God said you rich should pay ten percent. Tithing, if you research the word, means one tenth. So the very meaning is in the word. And the word of God is a flat rate for one and all. No variance for any. The same rate for all. God is not a respecter of persons. And neither should we be.

Who elected this guy again…oh ya, no body! What hubris and arrogance. Obama trots out his two elite tax cheats, Geithner and the Oracle from Omaha to tell the rest of us to pay more. You get a buck, just one buck from the 49% that aren’t paying anything and then you come back and ask us for more. You collect all the overdue taxes from your appointees and the federal employees that aren’t paying and then you come back and ask us for more. You stop throwing money away to buy votes and repay your crony campaign bundlers and to support the phony green energy collapse scam of our energy markets and then you come back for more from us….I’m sure you won’t be back for quite a while!

If we took ALL the income from the wealthiest people in this country it wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket needed to take care of this obscene debt Obama has put us into. This is all a smoke screen by the libs to make us believe they are actually doing something in our interests! Until we find a way to curb those who make a lifestyle of entitlements, we’ll never get out of debt. I’m particularly referring to those who abuse unemployment benefits and welfare payments.

So now the American dream is become successful, make money and pay it all to the morons, whom think they are kings and queens, because they continue to spend and destroy America by over regulating everything. Next week we will charge wealthy more to breathe the same air because that’s how dumb this administration and Geithner are. It is time to put an end to this divisive government because most of us can take care of ourselves.



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