Attorney General Incompetent Extraordinaire Eric Holder “Fast & Furious Poorly Executed”

Attorney General Eric Holder testified about the gun-running program “Fast & Furious” to Congress today. He would not admit the program was a mistake, instead saying if he had to do it over again he would make some changes.

My first reaction is; how would Eric the errand boy know if it was run well or not? By his own admission, he doesn’t have a clue what happens outside of the cocktail parties and NAACP meetings or however he fills his day. He certainly isn’t spending it reading departmental communications, or being briefed on what his people do. My next thought would be that any admission of wrongdoing, any apology, or acknowledgement of misdeeds would result in civil lawsuits that would require the discovery of documentation and evidence that Holder and Obama do not want public. He is thinking still about CYA and wagons circled around the administration. Soros and Stern sure are getting what they have paid for

Holder says it wasn’t a mistake but poorly executed? Translation– it was poorly executed because he got caught. We know this operation led to the death of one of our agents, and who knows how many of our citizens, and also how many thousands or tens of thousands of deaths on the Mexican side?

The only thing poorly executed by the ATF/DOJ guns for thugs program was the border patrol agent who was ambushed and murd ered bringing the whole plan under public scrutiny. Otherwise it went pretty much according to plan. Unfortunately for the Obama administration because their deliberate involvement was uncovered they were unable to use the stats, situation, and the death of the agent to their advantage in furtherance of their gun grabbing scheme

The level of Obama’s incompetence glares every time this man appears in public. He should have been fired the second he made those racially inflammatory remarks informing America that WE are racist not even one month after this loathsome administration gained power. Not ‘office’, but POWER. The scurrilous judgment on the Panthers not being pertinent because it was perpetrated against whites should have been the last straw. He is an embarrassment ON TOP of an embarrassment. .

I suppose if F&F isn’t a failure, we probably had no idea what the big plan was in the first place! My own estimate was it was to be used for an example to fight to get rid of our 2nd amendment rights. If not for a typical government operation of ineptness, mistakes, lies and a very poor plan in the first place, maybe Barry and Eric would have sprung their attempt to end the citizens’ rights to arm and protect themself from our government.

 After all just who in Washington (either party) ever does anything to uphold our Constitution?



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