What President Obama REALLY told UAW workers in Detroit – Think small, think little, don’t get too big, never reach, never take any chances, don’t invest, don’t invent and always stay in your place.

CNS News

President Obama – in a speech to the United Auto Workers union – said that “trying to climb to the very top” was not what America is “about,” saying that it was “greed” and that in reality “we’re all in it together.”

“America’s not just looking out for you, it’s not just about greed, it’s not just about trying to climb to the very top and keep everybody else down,” Obama said at the UAW’s annual National Community Action Program Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

Instead, Obama – who climbed to the very top of American politics just three years ago – said that instead America was about being “all in it together,” and giving people “a hand up.”

“When our assembly lines grind to a halt, we work together, and we get them going again,” he said. “When somebody else falters, we try to give them a hand up, because we know [that] we’re all in it together.”

Obama also attacked critics of his bailout policies who say that saving failed companies does not reflect traditional American values.

“I keep on hearing these same folks talk about values all the time. You want to talk about values? Hard work, that’s a value. Looking out for one another, that’s a value. The idea that we’re all in it together and [that] I’m my brother’s keeper and [my] sister’s keeper, that’s a value,” Obama declared.

Hard work, shared values, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This president only refers to these precious documents when it serves his purpose and distorts their meaning and those of the founding fathers. When is it a sin to work hard and accumulate wealth from your own labors and investments? I do not begrudge the wealth of others except when they obtain that wealth by dishonesty. We have always been a nation of citizens that have given not only to our own citizens who are in need but around the world. That is what this once great republic is known for. However, when the government decides to give to those in need, it isn’t because of their need but because they want to control every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave. It is too easy to become addicted to the government’s hand outs and stifles self-reliance and the can do spirit. I know there are people, like the elderly living on SS, etc., and the disabled who will never be able to work again, but these handouts have become an addiction for those who are quite able to work. And it is my firm belief that these handouts are a way for the government to become even bigger and to hold more power over our citizens.

This is the very same guy who put together a team of nimrods that’s targeting $8-$10 at the pump (Chu and Salazar). What are the implications for the GM and Chrysler? What are the implications for the UAW?  These clueless unionists should be very worried. Very worried. While their Messiah is now planning for ALTERNATIVE ENERGY that can be viable only at $8-10 at pump, they need to be preparing for ALTERNATIVE EMPLOYMENT.  Their jobs are all in the MacDaddy’s crosshairs, they are targeted for extinction. They have no future; they are all dead-enders on the MacDaddy’s Tree of Evolution.

 Dear Leader is more in bed with Wall Street than any before him. He demonizes them while sleeping with them and begging for their money to win. This jerk took our money and gave GM to the Unions while using the courts to violate contracts with the private investors.  He stands up there and says things like “what do they have against working people” we are all working people but the Dems side defines working people as Unions, Working Families Party or Matt Damon’s favorite Marx project.

Obama’s “problem” is that HE gets to pick and choose winners and losers. He takes YOUR hard earned money and gives it to HIS rich friends to INVEST in THEIR projects and then THEY loot the FAILED Company and leave YOU holding the bag!  How many “Green” companies did this jerk invest in against the advice of many? How is it that many of those companies just happened to have Dear Leader bundlers either working for or investing in them?

He says the GOP would have Detroit go bankrupt. He continues to confuse General Motors with Detroit. Detroit is going bankrupt they have money to last until April so the bailout he touts helped GM but really has not done anything to fend off Detroit’s financial problems! The previous Mayor and his friends got all the money – kind of like Obama and his Green Energy friends or his Democrat contributor friends. The Nation is going down the same path as Detroit, broke!

The definition of Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch.

The definition of liberty is the lamb arming itself and contesting the vote.

If Obama were to win in November, Liberty’s time may have come.



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