Does President Obama take less blame than a 5th Grader?

I have recently come to realize that Obama is like the guy who claims he can put out the fire but when given the job, he simply is not that interested and frankly not competent to fulfill his promises.

The building burns to the ground and everyone looks at the new fireman for why he failed to apply all the standard practices and tools at this disposal to complete his task. In the case of Obama he has such disdain for his fellow firefighters that he is unwilling to employ them in his efforts and consequently must go at it alone and without the manpower at his disposal but which he keeps on the sidelines because he doesn’t trust them or want them to detract from his firefighting skills.

Whatever Obama’ s problem they have become America’s problems and collectively we are waking up to the fact that there were other choices that could have helped the economy, reduced unemployment and reduced the debt, but Obama simply didn’t see those as serious goals. But this blameless President has lots of explaining to do for his last 3 year vacation or is it on the job training that it appears he failed.

Obama will rely greatly on the “Big Lie” during his campaign. He’ll be wanting to defer blame for his failures and distract the press from discussing the criticisms of his administrations patent failures

It is because of this president the nation is being lead to destruction. I can think of no time when a president literally had control of the entire economy and what has it bought us; a mostly lethargic economy that has taken decades to construct. We have proven again that central planning does not work; that government should stay out of the economic decisions of industries and that we need to re-establish the constitutional boundaries of government.

Obama is a disaster. Record unemployment, record foreclosures, record spending, record vacations, multiple wars without declaring war or without Congressional approval, czar after czar to get around the loop holes in the U.S. Constitution and the list goes on and on! He makes Jimmy Carter look good. He needs to be a one term president. He is getting more and more dangerous for our country.

Besides hampering domestic production, another reason oil prices are high is the devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Oil prices are set in dollars. Got any idea what printing money by the truckloads does to the dollar’s value? Sheesh! The outrageous level of borrowing and spending in DC and the national debt just barely has an impact on all commodities–imagine that. Just as a side, Thanksgiving dinner was up 13% this year–nice extra tax on the poor BHO. The value of the mighty dollar has plummeted on the international market and DC is borrowing 43 cents of every dollar spent. Of course, BHO has nothing to do with this out of control spending. Probably Bush’s fault coupled with racism, right?

In college, he was probably reasonably bright but not really much disciplined and not at all studious. He smiled his way through school, and because he was black, no teacher wanted to challenge his assertion, “I turned it in but you must have lost it” accusation. He learned that people accepted all kinds of spurious excuses, and so he used them all over and over.

Now, he is just demonstrating on the PRESIDENTIAL level the modus operandi that has gotten him through his entire undocumented, non-work history, no means of visible support life. We should not be surprised and should get rid of him.

I am looking forward to Obama’s singular achievement this spring – his bracket selections for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. That, of course, will be followed by a much needed vacation to recover from his exhaustive research and interviews on ESPN. Maybe he can apply his patented “leading from behind” technique by selecting the winners AFTER the games are played.



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