Obama Calls Future Member of the Trial Lawyers Association to Give Support over what that mean man Rush Limbaugh said about her

Los Angeles Times

President Obama weighed in on Friday in a mounting controversy over radio provocateur EIB’s Rush Limbaugh’s crude to the point comments about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke with a phone call expressing his support for Fluke.

Limbaugh has repeatedly called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her advocacy for birth control coverage.

Obama “wanted to express his disappointment that she has been the subject of inappropriate personal attacks, and thank her for exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on an issue of public policy,” White House  Spokesman Obama’s Shill Jay Carney said at a Friday briefing. “It was a very good conversation.”

Fluke had attempted to testify last month at a congressional committee hearing on the Obama administration’s new rule requiring employers to offer health plans that include birth control coverage, but she was excluded from the panel. She testified instead at a mock hearing organized by Democratic lawmakers, in which she advocated for the new policy and said she had a friend who lost an ovary because of lack of contraceptive care.

Isn’t that special! He is such a caring person! So caring that he needed to make sure we all knew that he gave her a call to make sure her feeling were not hurt by that evil white racist homophobe Rush Limbaugh! It just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside…you know that feeling right before you vomit a little in your mouth and then have to decide to swallow it or spit it out!

The president is apologizing again. What do you call unmarried people that sleep around? If there are people that need pills for a medical condition then they can do like the rest of us and pay for them or have insurance. If students are covered to age 26 by their parents then they are still kids but still should be taught to be responsible and moral. God help them.

 If she wanted to remain a private citizen, then maybe she shouldn’t have sat there in front of a congressional committee making absurd demands that the university health insurance pay for her sex life. How can you sit in front of congress and spout absurd nonsense, then show up on a cable talk show and spout more nonsense, but then insist that the criticism that comes as a result of your public displays of absurdity should be off limits because you’re a private citizen?

Sandra, let’s get down to the brass tacks and truth—–more babies means more people to cover and control under the healthcare mandate. But don’t worry Sandra, he TOTALLY favors killing the baby well into your term and if that doesn’t work, he completely favors letting the baby die in a cold dark room somewhere should they survive the murder attempt. Either way, you are covered. Let’s go over this AGAIN Sandra–if you want the pill or an abortion, go for it, but YOU WILL BE PUT IN YOUR PLACE (that’s not being silenced Sandra) on wanting the taxpayer to be forced to pay for it. Get over your moonbattery–you do not have a right to stick your hand in my wallet and take what you want.

What else would you like the tax payers to pay you for? Healthcare? YAY we soon will be! A new house? YAY! Obama wants everybody to have free houses. New car? How about a Chevy Volt? YAY! Obama is practically giving them away because Chevy can’t sell them. Food? YAY! You can get food stamps on the phone now, so you’ll never pay for food again, and you’ll eat better, higher quality food than those suckers that pay for their own food. So…what are you going to law school for if everything is going to be paid for by Obama? He’s got a stash of cash!



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