Bill Whittle asks a Fantastic Question

I was watching PJTV today and he and Stephen Kruiser were discussing the Super Tuesday primaries.  Bill toward the end of the segment asked if anyone out there who voted for McCain – Palin in 2008 had decided that Barack Obama was their guy and was going to switch their vote to Obama for 2012.

I cannot think of one conservative that is going to do this.

Can you?

The point is that in all likelihood there is a VERY miniscule amount of conservatives out there who are going to toss their hat in for Obama.  The only way Obama will get conservative votes in this election is if someone by mistake punches for Obama in the general election.  Which gets to my second point something I always tell my son, CHECK YOUR WORK; whether it’s changing a diaper figuring a complicated transaction at your job or voting always CHECK YOUR WORK.

You Rock Bill Whittle - Keep up the Passion!!!


7 thoughts on “Bill Whittle asks a Fantastic Question

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