Seriously, this Chick Has to Be a GOP Plant. Wasserman Schultz: ‘It’s Time Romney and the Rest of The Republican Party End the War on Women They Started’

CNS News


During a conference call briefing accusing Romney of “pandering to the extreme right-wing of his party on the issues that matter to Washington women,” Wasserman Schultz and representatives from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America singled out the former Massachusetts governor as a politician who would “allow big corporations to deny health care options to their female employees.”

The call also included a statement from a Catholic hospital nurse who claimed birth control is so expensive she has to stay on her parents’ health care plan.


It is time for Debbie to stop doing Dallas. She and her fellow liberals have declared political war on the Catholic Church. The church opposes abortion which is fully supported by liberals. Therefore this issue was designed to stick it to the Catholic Church once again. Obama wants to show the church he is in charge. He and his liberal jock straps will decide what people should be able to do. He has decreed this is no longer the role of the church. So he and Nancy rolled out all the little fluckers to lie in front of the cameras to tell America how bad those Catholic churches really are.

Wasserman Schultz loud mouth obnoxious hacks for the administration; shut the heck up. Your talking points with the help of the main stream media accusing the Rep of attack on women are insulting a completely untrue. You know it… I’m surprised you aren’t tripping over your nose. Start defending all of America and stop with the hatred a lies. Because the Right doesn’t fall in step with you or your hacks; it is a political stunt, just like the people on the left applauding for the elections in Russia. Come on you, what a joke you are.

The call also included a statement from a Catholic hospital nurse who claimed birth control is so expensive she has to stay on her parents’ health care plan.


 Apparently there is a Target store that sells a months’ worth of birth control for the HUGE SUM of $9.00 a month.

This is ridiculous and blown all out of proportion and really the purpose of the Dems here is to take the focus off the MAIN ISSUE.  And that is the government FORCING businesses and organizations to supply birth control when it goes against their religious beliefs or their morals.  That is the issue ….not a 30 year old ‘student’ who is spending a FORTUNE for her education lying about not being able to afford birth control.  

Where is the common sense here?  Georgetown University is a Catholic Institution and should not be forced to support a mandate that goes against everything they stand for.

 I wonder if Romney realizes how lucky he is to have her as a campaign adviser, pushing him in the right direction, so he, if chosen to be the Republican candidate, can defeat her boss in November. What a crock, her opinion means nothing. They succeeded in creating an issue out of thin air instead of discussing the vital issues facing our nation. More progressive smoke and mirrors.

There is no war on women…only liberal blathering about a non-issue that they have turned into a canard to offset and use as a smoke screen so Obama will not have to defend his pitiful performance as America’s so called President.

If anything…the liberals hate women…they still writhe in a frenzy at the very mention of Sarah Palin ‘Don’t ya know”. The liberals are the ones that prostituted a student…a known feminist…for their very questionable cause.

The liberals are what are harming America…and we will set things right in November.


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