Lord, why does the Progressive Loony Fringe Left win Sometimes?

Trying to reconcile why the Left has successfully made Ms. Fluke a Martyr on their made up “War on Women” that the conservative have in the little minds of the left conceived and brought up to a four alarm blaze.

Here are a couple of possible thoughts.

1. The left often wins these types of situations because they organize. Most conservatives work, live their lives, want to be left alone to live their lives, and don’t organize. The left does. Therefore their voices get magnified beyond anything you hear coming from the lone voices on the right in more circumstances.

2. The right has standards and morals, mostly because those on the right are quite often religious. As long as the left does not have any compunctions concerning morality, they can take the gloves off and really go at it without any thought to holding back in any way; nothing is off limits for their side.

3. As long as the left controls both the mainstream media outlets and the educational system, we on the right will be at a distinct disadvantage both in getting our side of an issue out into the public conversation, and in being able to convince the public of the rightness of our causes, because they have already been brainwashed by the government-run public schools and liberal universities.

Conservatism wins when it overcomes these obstacles. The Tea Party was a great first step in dealing with the organization hurdle. Fox News, sites like Breitbart, and talk radio have helped with the problem of getting the message out. Churches across the country could help with the other by making a huge part of their ministry into an educationally focused one, providing private, alternative schooling to the public school systems across the country.

Did Rush make a poor choice of words? Yes. Did he apologize? Yes.

Ms. Fluke’s unwillingness to accept it confirms the information that has been circulating about her that she is a shill for the Left. She has been a professional activist for the Left for some time now and she will milk her 15 minutes for all that it is worth.

What infuriates me are the bullying attempts by the Left to shut-down someone they disagree with because he made a mistake. But this is their MO. They will shut down those on their own who step out of line, i.e. Juan Williams.

The reality is that the modern Left is composed of the most intolerant, bigoted people ever seen in recent times. They will bully, ridicule, mock, and attack anyone who dares disagree with them.

Tolerance means nothing to these people, unless they are lecturing us on how we need to sit down and shut-up. Well, I will not and many others who think like I do will not.

The Left has adopted the tactics of guerrilla war–by Mao and Che and others–to their political fights.

Guerrillas love to provoke incidents to cause their enemies to retaliate indiscriminately, discrediting the enemy and giving the guerrillas the moral high ground. They will shoot at troops from the sanctuary of civilian areas, so the troops will shoot back hard (or better still, call in airstrikes). Then the CNN cameras will film gruesome pictures of wounded children and wailing mothers.

Then the guerrillas can wrap themselves in martyrdom and victimization, winning the battle of public opinion both in their own country and worldwide.

Here at home, agitators will stir up trouble so that the police will strike back and the agitators can make a Federal case (literally) out of alleged “police brutality.”

And the Left used that tactic right here. They knew EXACTLY what type of “spokesperson” to put before the cameras: A left-wing, feminist, sexually active single women on birth control; just the type to provoke Limbaugh and the SoCons into a reflexive all-out response.

And that’s exactly what happened.

All the martyrdom and victimization now belongs to Ms. Fluke, for having stood up to The Onslaught of the Great Rush Limbaugh.

The Right’s constant shooting from the hip at every provocation will continue to fail, just like carpet-bombing whole towns full of civilians fails to stop a guerrilla insurgency. All it ends up doing is losing the battle of public opinion.

You need to know when to stop lashing out even when you’re provoked. The Dems will continue to provoke phony controversies from now right through Election Day. There will be a lot more like Ms. Fluke.

We can’t be baited again.



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