One Last Word on Andrew Breitbart

I first heard Andrew Breitbart when he filled in for Radio Host Dr. Michael Savage about three years ago.  I was ready to turn on my CD player in the car but listened for a few minutes and was amazed at his passion for what was wrong, extremely wrong with the mainstream media and how they fast tracked, with no vetting whatsoever just put the Halo on Barack Obama’s head and got him elected in 2008.  I was hooked; this guy was speaking for me.  I logged on to Big Journalism that night after misspelling “Breitbart” a couple of times and was amazed and in awe of how CNNNBCCBSABCMSNBC had vaulted Barack Obama from the word “GO” into the Presidency.  Something had to be done.  I joined a Tea Party locally in the summer of 2009 and felt great that I was doing something and that BHO has to go.

In my only brush with Andrew Breitbart he tweeted me back about two things.  One was a suggestion about the song “Jump” by Aztec Camera and the other was a tweet where I asked him if he had ever heard of the Fox News Channel show “Red Eye” and if he had ever been on it.  I said and I still think it is the funniest show on Television.  Yes, even funnier than “The Daily Show”.  This was a really stupid question; Breitbart was on “Red Eye” many times and for all I know he probably helped create the show. 

Finally here is something I grabbed from Big Government written by TeaPartyPatriot4ever:

Andrew Breitbart understood how dangerous the radical far left is to the Conservative Constitutional righteous cause of Individual Freedom and Liberty.

The far left agenda is not just one of a political party difference of opinion, it is their radical Saul Alinsky tactics of extreme hatred and vile intolerance for anyone who dared to question, let alone challenge them and their methods, for which they then use their favorite Saul Alinsky tactics straight from his book rules for radicals, to intimidate, threaten, denigrate, humiliate, demoralize, mock, insult, and polarize, which work all too well, especially when the leftwing media apparatus complex conspires and coordinates these attacks. And Andrew knew they did so not just against the conservative Republicans, but they did so against the American People, Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and the US Constitution, which is their ultimate goal, to bring down America as a Constitutional Republic, any way and means they can, where they can, how they can.

Anyone who ever tries these tactics on anyone, for political ideological reasons, or any reasons, are the enemy of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice, period, and Andrew knew exactly what they were doing, were all about, and went after them with a passion not seen by anyone in conservative circles. That is why he was fearless, like a lion going into the liberal lion’s den, and beat them back, and that is why they, the left, hated Andrew, which is why Andrew loved it, as he knew he was on target when they spewed vitriolic hatred at him.

In the military, when you aren’t getting flack, you’re not on target, which is where Andrew was, right on target. There is only one way to deal with liberals, from any side of the political spectrum, and that is to just defeat them, period. And Andrew was front and center in leading and accomplishing that task, and was absolutely successful, and leads all of us in the right direction.

God Bless you Andrew Breitbart we will carry the battle forward.



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