Question for President Obama and the Lamestream Media, how is the Economy getting “better”?

This annoys me more than anything.  The Borg Collective News Media of MSNBCCNNNBCCBSABC are trying to shove down our throats that the economy is getting better.  Everything is beautiful, there is now a chicken in every pot and the streets will soon be paved with gold because of the “fine” works of Obama and his band of Progressive Economic Fools.

Anyone who buys that either number of 2.3% growth or 8.3% unemployment have any basis in reality and aren’t complete fabrications has had way too many glasses of Obama Kool-Aid. Gas is at a record high and getting higher. Oil is rising. Property values are at record lows and still falling. Inflation is starting to ramp up. The stock market, sure it’s churning along. But most of the investing is in world markets, not here at home, and stocks are riding high because things are so bad there is nowhere else to invest. Oh yes, the Lamestream Media is dutifully reporting their handout talking points from the White House, but simply reporting something as fact does not make it so. I said it a long time ago, I’ll say it again: The media will lie outright to get Obama re-elected, and as soon as he is, new “revised projections” will be released and reported indicating that things are worse than they initially thought, and the “fragile recovery” has collapsed thanks to those darn obstructionist Republicans. But the reality is; nothing has changed for the better at all and in fact has worsened the past 3 years.

At best the economy is bouncing along the bottom as people desperately try to make ends meet. This will always result in some level of economic activity.  And unemployment is not 8.3%. It’s now like an epidemic with everyone knowing several long unemployed people. Do not rely on the media to report the true economic picture. They are no longer commentators but have become active players for Obama’s reelection and will do or say anything to achieve this.

Everything reported is a manipulated and massaged lies to deceive us into thinking things are not what we are really seeing with our lying eyes and experience. War is deception and this gang has pretty well mastered it for the consumption of the unwary prey that needs to pray and start educating themselves or we lose the country.

The appearance of a recovery is more valuable to the commies. They want consumer confidence in the markets to rise. After confident consumers invest more in the markets, they will then crash them again and Soros and friends will make off with the loot, leaving the “confident” consumers in the dust. It is a false recovery designed only to dupe you out of more money and assets while keeping the reds in power.

The most puzzling issue for me is that the populist progressives in order to vote for Obama and his cohorts have to believe that there can only be a positive outcome to more and bigger government in control of many aspects of their lives. They must believe that either they are above any negative outcomes or that the rulers of this brave new big government intrusion into all our lives will be now and forever organized and managed by benevolent elites guided by altruism and the best of intentions.

Indeed Obama must believe this. I don’t know if the destruction is intentional or planned on his part and that of his handlers, but I certainly think that he believes that all of his destructive actions are the right thing to do. He knows nothing different from his past associations and education by hard left mentors.

In the end there is a sizeable chance that the outcome of the progressive movement, should it succeed, will not end positively but rather with tyranny. Maybe not immediately, but certainly it would appear that their current and intended policies of wealth re-distribution and destruction of the economy will not sustain their grand illusion for very long. Certainly over a few decades this whole scheme will fall like the proverbial house of cards. I doubt there will be any benevolent rulers at that time to pick up the mess, in fact history tells us that is when evil usually arrives on the scene to pick the bones and grab the thrown.


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