Need a big loud belly laugh this weekend? Watch The Road We’ve Traveled Official Trailer – Obama for America 2012

Directed by Davis Guggenheim in association with the Ministry of Obama for America 2012 and CHECK THIS OUT DOUBLE COMEDY BONUS FOLKS!!!  Tom Hanks narrates this drivel.

The real name of this crockumentary should be “How I Spiked the Football While Telling the SEALS Not To.” Of course, we all know that it was President Obama who flew from the Camp David golf course to Abbottabad on his supersonic stealth Unicorn One, flew over the Bin Laden retirement villa and sprinkled deadly pixie dust on the encampment; then, called in the SEALS to do mop-up duty while he returned the back nine at Camp David. Brilliant!

Guggenheim is a propagandist, no question about it. This thing really sounds like an insipid bucket of tripe.

Hat Tip: Sarah Roman 


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