Obama sends out a message to Liberals – My Dear Precious Tools, Please pray for My ObamaCare

Bill Maher will be leading the service. /sarc

Fox News

On Wednesday, White House officials summoned dozens of leaders of nonprofit organizations that strongly back the health law to help them coordinate plans for a prayer vigil, press conferences and other events outside the court when justices hear arguments for three days beginning March 26.”

 — New York Times reporter Robert Pear writing in today’s paper: “White House Works to Shape Debate over Health Law.”

 Gallup surveyed voters three weeks ago in the dozen swing states that will decide this year’s presidential election and found that the 2010 Democratic health law was still a toxic asset in President Obama’s political portfolio.

 In the swing states, 53 percent of registered voters had negative views on the law compared to 38 percent who saw the new slate of regulations, entitlements and welfare benefits positively.

 Worse, 72 percent in swing states and 69 percent nationally said the law had so far not affected them. The outlook for the future was grim – 34 percent of swing states said the legislation would not make much difference and 42 percent said the law would make things worse for their family.

 Just 11 percent think the law has helped them already and only 20 percent think that the law will ever do them any good, with identical findings nationally and in swing states. That’s dire.

It will be strange to see Planned Parenthood praying outside the Supreme Court. I don’t believe abortions and prayer go together. This has to be the most bizarre attempt at swaying the SCOUTUS ever attempted. It will backfire on Obama.

Obama and his administration are a vile and disgusting sort of people that would take scripture and try to skew it to their agenda (during the taxation debate), drop the National Prayer Day, try to invoke a prayer vigil for ObamaScare in one breath while unleashing the collar from the ACLU dogs towards separation of Church and State with the next…

How repulsive can one group of individuals and their mis-guided agenda become???

Hey, while they’re at maybe they can ask God how he feels about Obama forcing everyone to pay for abortions!  Why is it that he only talks about God when it’s politically correct for him?  I thought he wanted separation of church & state?  Wasn’t him that said that we were no longer a Christian nation?   

So, a public school allowing for an outside religious group to meet there is against the Constitution, but Obama organizing prayer vigils in the White House is OK? A nativity scene in a park is unconstitutional, but trying to use prayer to push a political agenda is just fine?  A long standing cross in memory of Americans who perished in war defending our country in a national park is wrong, but trying to use religion for legislation is OK?

What a truly hypocritical show the White House is putting on.  First, Obama and his family seldom attend church, let alone demonstrate any respect for religion (other than Islam).  Second, where is the cry from the liberals about separation of church and state?  Everything this administration does is strictly for show, especially heading into the campaign season.  I believe we all need to pray that November 2012 is the end of this regime.

And the bull shit.




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