Okay, let’s try this again folks; this is the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives “War on Women”

The Democrats’ accusation of a purported Republican “war on women” is not new. It is one of those tricks they pull out of their bag when they have nothing else that is workable. And the Democrat Party in its current state is totally bereft of viable ideas. Everything they have tried, everything they support and everything they plan has already been demonstrated an abject failure. All they can do is attack, smear and impugn, depending upon their willing lap-dogs in the media to spread their lies unchallenged.

Government schools are huge contributors to this assault via their “values clarification” mandatory classes in which students are taught that right and wrong are whatever you say they are and that “your parents may have taught you what right and wrong mean, and that was fine for THEM, but you must decide this for yourself.” The indoctrination of liberalism and by the left is everywhere now, and we see the results.

Liberals show tolerance of: any behavior that is destructive of societal cohesiveness.  It is time to create a way to force them to live with the consequences of their actions instead of forcing the enemy Conservatives to rescue them.

Liberals have impaired the American system of justice for fifty years and counting. We cannot allow Obama to nominate the next few Supreme Court justices.

Liberal “logic”: Oppose executing convicted murderers, support murdering innocent babies.

The only logic I see is that murder is considered a good thing by liberals this results in their warped minds fewer people on the planet, it lowers health care costs and in the end there is more food for you, more food for me.  

Liberals defend pornographers whose publications dehumanize women and are directly linked to many crimes, from abuse to serial killing. Liberals argue for legitimizing “sex trade workers” which again, transforms normal human beings into nothing more than sex toys to be used and tossed. They applaud the cohabitation rate, even though it is also linked to increased likelihood of abuse, both of women and their children. In their effort to stop being judged only on their physical attractiveness, the cheer on those forces of culture that sexualize women and reward women exclusively on their willingness to bare skin and “put out”.

Liberals do not even begin to fathom how the liberal war strikes at the very core of femininity by re-defining womanhood away from the “bondage” of marriage into the “freedom” of singleness, from the “drudgery” of motherhood to the fulfilling success of a career, from “prudish” modesty to stylish power sexiness. Because women aren’t truly free unless their free to sleep around and walk away without the stress of a long term relationship with a jerk or raising a child she really doesn’t want the responsibility of raising the children she makes.

Enough already.




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