President Obama is…..

Obama is the first President in American history to go around the world apologizing for the exceptionalism of his country.

Obama is the first President in American history to bow to a wide variety of world leaders, among them dictators and leaders of countries that hate America.

 Obama is the first President to deliver universal healthcare, which is:

a) Unconstitutional, b) Against the wishes of the majority of his constituents, c) Unaffordable, and  d) A jobs killer.

 Obama is the first President to increase the national debt, in a little over half of his first term, more than all the Presidents before him, combined.

 Obama is the first President to have had a U.S. credit ratings downgrade on his watch.

 Obama is the first President to violate the War Powers Act through his actions in Libya.

 Obama is the first President to orchestrate the sale of murderous weapons to Mexican drug cartels – Fast & Furious.

 Obama is the first President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling [in the Gulf of Mexico.]

 Obama is the first President to defy a federal judge’s court order to cease implementing the ‘Health Care Reform’ Law.

 Obama, thanks to ObamaCare, is the first President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party, in violation of the Constitution.

Obama is the first President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state they are allowed to locate a factory [Boeing in SC].

Obama is the first President to file lawsuits against states he swore an oath to protect [AZ, WI, OH, IN, AL, etc.]

Obama is the first President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

Obama is the first President to fire an Inspector General for merely doing his job.  AmeriCorps IG Gerald Walpin found that one of Obama’s friends, former NBA player Kevin Johnson, was fraudulently funneling money to himself from a charity he represented.  Obama fired Walpin for finding this out.

Obama is the first President to propose an executive order demanding companies expose their political contributions to bid on government contracts.

Obama is the first President to golf 73 separate times in his first two-and-a-half years in office.

Obama is the first President to sue financial institutions for implementing the distribution of toxic mortgage loans which his administration demanded they offer and grant in the first place.

Obama is the first President on whose watch the U.S. Debt Held by the Public topped $8 TRILLION – it’s now over $15 TRILLION and climbing.  

Obama is the first President to lead our nation with over 49 Million people living in poverty.

Obama is the first President in our history to appoint 37 Czars who are answerable to nobody but him.

And yet he stands a very good chance to win in November because he has been able to get to more people to suck off the Government tit.

The examples of President Obama’s overweening sense of pride, hubris and superiority are, in fact, legion. Certainly a man who writes his autobiography twice by the age of forty-three, who makes no secret of his intention to be the President of the United States while he is a neighborhood agitator in Chicago, and, later, as an Illinois state senator is not a model of modesty, humility and self-effacement.  Moreover, his short tenure in the U.S. Senate was marked by continued exaggerations of his experience and the supposed jurisprudential acumen he demonstrated as a lecturer at the University Of Chicago School Of Law.  During the 2008 campaign examples of Obama’s arrogance and petulance abounded. His infamous slap at small town Americans who bitterly clung to their guns and religion received wide play and surprised many observers who had grown used to the tightly scripted candidate on the campaign trail.  Like most liberals Obama claims to be receptive to all points of view, but he really tolerates no opinion but his own. He cavalierly dismisses those who disagree with him as “bitter and frustrated” and he does not hold himself and his entourage to the standards he easily imposes on everyone else.  Barack Obama gave the world many previews of his stunning arrogance long before November 4, 2008. We have seen since then that these examples were not anomalies. The central element of Barack Obama’s character is a stunning, almost breathtaking arrogance. The American people continue to see this with every passing day.  That he is even in the running for re-election is breathtaking!

This is sad but unfortunately very true.


7 thoughts on “President Obama is…..

  1. If Obamacare is a “jobs killer,” at least it will keep the jobless alive to seek a job another day. I would rather it killed jobs, it won’t, than let the uninsured die.

  2. Reblogged this on Letting Freedom Ring and commented:
    I also believe he is the first President to be raised Muslim, attend a racist church while campaigning, then quit going to church as soon is he is elected while embracing and bowing to Muslim leaders. I also think he is the first President to take on the Catholic church and force them to provide services contrary to their beliefs – again violating the Constitution he flagrantly abhors.

  3. The more I hear people complain about Barack Obama, the more I like the guy.

    Now to be clear, I didn’t vote for him the first time. I don’t think he’s done a particularly good job. And I probably won’t vote for him this time around. But I find myself defending him on a regular basis because of the unfounded claims made by people I can only refer to as loons.

    For example, I’ve read repeatedly that the price of gasoline has doubled since Obama became president, noting that he’s the reason that prices have jumped the way they have. tells us that in mid- to late-2008, the price of gasoline dropped significantly in Buffalo from $4.26 a gallon to $1.81. It has been on a steady incline ever since. Worth noting here, of course, is that it was $4.26 in the summer of 2008. But to hear the loons tell it, it was $1.81 until Obama took office.

    They’ll tell you, of course, that the spike in gas prices from 2005 to 2008 had nothing to do with former President George W. Bush, but the spike from 2008 until 2012 is the sole fault of President Obama.

    The loons seem to believe that their guy couldn’t possibly have been the problem (this goes with the left-wing loons who serve as Obama apologists, too). The fact of the matter is, the price of things go up and our foreign policy doesn’t help matters. It is, of course, the same foreign policy that has guided us over the course of the past dozen administrations or so.

    The problem isn’t Obama. And it wasn’t Bush. The problem — as is so often the case — is us. But it’s easier to blame Obama.

    I don’t hear the same people who are blaming Obama for gas prices also giving him credit for the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hovered around 8,000 points when Obama was inaugurated. It now stands at about 13,000. That’s quite a bump.

    Likewise, unemployment spiked at the end of George W. Bush’s time in office, hitting 7.8 percent in January of 2009. It further jumped to 10 percent in October of that year, nine months into Obama’s first term. Since October of 2009, however, it has (very) slowly but steadily declined to where it stands now at just over 8 percent.

    But I hear nary a word about that. All I hear these days is gas prices. And when I do hear about the stock market or unemployment, I’m told it would be better were it not for Obama and his horrible fiscal policies. Oh and he’s a Communist.

    I’ve been called a Communist before. I know what a Communist is. Barack Obama is not a Communist. He may truly be inept, but he’s not a Communist.

    For the record, I’ve been called a Fascist before, too. I’m not one of those either. I’m just a guy who gets irritated by other people’s B.S.

    While I’m very unlikely to cast a vote for Barack Obama come November, I do sympathize for the guy. And if I end up feeling bad enough for him, I might just vote for him.

    Dear loons, you’ve overplayed your hand. And the reasonable people of the world are going to sympathize for a guy they probably would never vote for otherwise. Get back to reality so we can find someone who can actually do the job.

    If you know anything about the religion of Islam, you know that Obama is not a participant. To be a Muslim, one must follow the five pillars of Islam. Obama follows none of these pillars.

    The first pillar is the profession of faith that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet. Obama has never professed this.

    To be a Muslim one must pray five times a day facing Mecca. President Obama does not do this. Neither does he pay the zakat, an obligatory tax paid once a year to the state government.

    Another Republican myth is that Obama is the worst president in U.S. history. Certainly President Obama has made mistakes. However, Lyndon Johnson, not Obama, is the worst president. Johnson spent his entire presidency lying about the Vietnam War. His lies cost thousands of our young men and women their lives.

    Unfortunately some Republicans still maintain that the president is not a U.S. citizen. His certificate of birth in the state of Hawaii convinces me that he is indeed a citizen of our great republic.

    Some Republicans, including Newt Gingrich, have erroneously said that the president is a socialist. Socialists believe government is more important than the private sector. Obama has never preached that. Yes, he does believe that government does have an important part to play in our lives. But he likewise publicly sees business and government working together for the common good.

    Those who say that the president is a wild-eyed liberal don’t know what they are talking about. He, like Mitt Romney, is a moderate. Yes, he did support the government bailout of the banks and the auto industry. However, so did George W. Bush. If Obama is a wild-eyed liberal, so is George W. Bush.

    The worst Republican myth is that Obama is responsible for our terrible economy. To point the finger at one man is most unfair. There are hundreds of people whose actions contributed to our economic problems. To castigate Obama and George W. Bush is most unwise.

    One Republican recently said that an Obama victory in November will destroy America. What a foolish thing to say. Regardless of who wins in November, America will continue to prosper. As the great Ronald Reagan said, “America’s greatest days are in the future.”

    Read more: La Grange News – Republican myths about Obama

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