Are you Tolerant or Intolerant?

Am I intolerant, as defined by the Left? Let me see:

– I believe homosexuality is a sin and perversion, and I don’t want to be around it or have my kids exposed to it.

– I believe you need to come to American legally, learn English and assimilate into American society while still being proud of your culture. After all, that’s what my ancestors did.

– I believe marriage comes from God and is for a man and a woman only.

– I am a Christian.

– I believe that a Government should only spend tax dollars on the necessities and have a limited role.

– I believe that lifetime handouts such as welfare, food stamps, et al, should be ended.

– I’m disgusted at what I see on TV, and disgusted to see what my country has become.

– I believe that politicians are servants of the people, and should go back to their farms when their service is done without huge pensions and lifetime benefits that we don’t get.

Well, I guess that makes me intolerant. I will proudly say that I’m intolerant.

In the liberal/leftie lexicon, “tolerance” and “intolerance” are part of the codebook of moral relativism. You are “tolerant” if you have no moral center and can adjust your “morals” to achieve whatever politically expedient or Politically Correct  outcome you wish. You are “intolerant” if you believe that there are moral absolutes like good and evil, and, you wish to discriminate between the two without regard to color, race, and gender, whatever.

 Mainly, you are “intolerant” if you believe in the Rule of Law, in uniform standards applied to EVERYBODY for a job or college admission, in a meritocracy, in people being treated based on the content of one’s character not the color of their skin.

 Really listen to what these “tolerant ones” are saying. Take the exact opposite and you will hear their narrow mindedness, their hatred, yes, their racism and intolerance.

Tolerance” is simply a means to an end. The lib-troglodytes shed their moral skin decades ago. All that’s left is a crude husk of Alinsky-inspired rage, envy, greed, and lust.

The Liberal Socialists DEMAND tolerance for all of their ideals, yet deny tolerance for ours. They DEMAND Mr. Limbaugh’s head on a silver plate for calling Sandra Fluke, what she is in reality. Yet they praise Liberal Socialist PROPAGANDISTS such as Maher, Moyers, Letterman and others who use foul, crude, obscene and demeaning language directed at Conservative Women.

 What I’ve learned over the years is that it’s okay to be INTOLERANT when you use foul and obscene language in describing your conservative enemies. That’s okay. What hypocrisy! But then, nobody ever said that Liberal Socialists were paragons of virtue. (Oh I’m so intolerant).

The more the Left tells me I have to be tolerant (on their terms) that I proclaim myself proud to be intolerant of what I choose and if that makes me a racist or whatever they want to call us this week – it’s their problem not mine – My mind is FREE to make its own decisions. I don’t like illegal immigrants in my country, I don’t like unions, I don’t like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, I don’t like our national debt, I don’t like feminists, I don’t like kids who can’t pull up their damn pants and get a job, I don’t like Jon Corzine and the missing money, I don’t like Solyndra and their high bonuses after failing their business with my tax dollars, I don’t like the DOJ, especially Eric Holder. I can sleep at night NOT liking all the above and then some. I do LOVE the United States of America, our flag, our soldiers, I respect the police (but judges not so much anymore), and I believe in God, I believe in Freedom and our Constitution. I believe our Nation will once again heal – as soon as the extreme lefts are removed from office.

It’s time for all of us to say “yes, we are intolerant, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”




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