Liberal Dictionary Definitions

Victim: a poor, deluded individual forced by a paternalistic, capitalistic society mired in an old-fashioned sense of morality to act out against that oppression with deeds that may inconvenience other members of society. See also “The Oppressed”, “The Good Guys”, or “Bestselling Prison Author”

 Criminal: a member of the ruling socio-economic-ethnic class or their hired thugs who use their badges of authority to aid in the oppression of “victims” and the imposition of their oppressive, outmoded morality on the oppressed classes. See also “the rich”, “Christians”, “police”, or “oppressor”.

 What’stheirname?: one of the members of society inadvertently affected when a victim strikes out against the criminals of society, their irrational moral values, their ill-gotten property, or their inconvenient timing. While those heroic acts against the oppressors may leave these members of society (often members of the oppressed classes themselves) in some discomfort or, well, dead, the pain of these whoeverytheyweres pales in comparison to the oppressive oppressiveness the oppressors oppressed the poor victims with. See also “martyr”

 Murder: The public execution of a victim by the criminal class after a sham “trial” usually featuring a racist jury of oppressors. See also “the Chair”, “the Needle”, or “cruel and unusual”.

Rape: What happens to a Victim in a court unless you get a good JUDGE; also, the greedy confiscation of natural resources and the exploitation of Victims by the Criminals.

Judge: hopefully, a person enlightened enough to recognize the efforts of criminals to victimize victims and stop them before the tools on the jury try to rape or murder the victim.



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