Good Lord I can’t make this up folks. Angelica Huston: US Returning to ’Dark Ages’


 Rosie O’Donnell, filling in for Piers Morgan who’s on assignment in England, the comedian, actress, and television personality welcomes Angelica Huston for an honest and revealing discussion on politics and women’s issues in the 21st century.

 “What has happened, that we are fighting again for reproductive rights?” wonders O’Donnell.

 “And how did guys, get to be the ones to solely discuss it?” responds Huston. “It’s absolutely astonishing to me, it’s the Dark Ages.”


One more time for you slow learners.  We don’t care what you do with your bodies; we just refuse to pay for it.  Get it?  Do what you want, but do it by yourself instead of having others pay for it.

 Women can get all the contraception they want and they can kill all the unborn and partially born children they want.  What’s Houston talking about?  If her point is somebody else should be paying for those things what’s that make the recipient?

 Rosie was gonna try for a test tube baby, but the test tube took one look at her and couldn’t get it up.

 Angelica, you libs are keeping trying to divert the real problems that you have caused in the last 3 years like:

1.1 Million Increase in unemployment.

9%+ unemployment rate (really more like 17% in real, uncooked numbers)

100% increase in gasoline prices.

35% increase in other energy cost (electricity, gas etc.)

43% increase in the national debt and still rising.

The increase in debt per person from $34,731 to $48,699 or a $13,958 increase. You can double this number since only half pay taxes.

A 53% increase in the misery index (Yet Obama and the libs keep the lie up by saying everything is getting better)

25% increase in college tuition.

23% increase in cost of WORKERS health insurance cost.

45% increase in food stamp recipients. (Hence the name “FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT”)

6.4 million Person increase in those reaching poverty level statuses.

13% devaluation in the average American home (that number has been cooked by this administration also and is more like 25% in real numbers)

Our dropped from 1st place to 5th place in global competitiveness

 The list is much longer.

 These are not my numbers and are statistic found on Dept. of Labor, Treasury Dept., CBO and various other .gov web sites. Angelica, these are the problems we, both men and women, are concerned about and not you’re silly, made up women issues.

Hollywood is full of idiots~!!! This whole controversy is about Government making a Religious organization to do something against their religious beliefs and doctrine~!!! Women can get all the same things they have always gotten~ Huston is right we are going back to the Dark ages Where the King dictates to his surfs and peasants~!!!

I would like to thank all of the Hollywood limousine liberal loony tunes who have provided this blog with fantastic material to write about this week.  Stand up and give them a hand everyone.  We know they will be back soon, it’s inevitable.



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